New Zealand was the largest battle of the pillows

On the morning of registration, which lasted several hours, collected only 3429 people. It was not enough to set a record, but the signal is sounded at the beginning of the set time - at 10 o'clock in the morning, when we started, "sixty seconds bedlam." However, registration of the participants continued after the signal, resulting in a 'soldiers' have joined a number of applicants, which should be enough to establish a record.

How to tell the employee "emergency" Faye Stewart battle ended happily and turned into a massacre. "I was ready for anything, but they fought pretty well," - she said.

The organizers were going to beat the previous record of the battle on the cushions, set last year at the University of Albany (USA). Then, while fighting on the pillows 3648 people.

The next step will be sending New Zealanders battle records and all related papers in the Guinness Book of Records. Official confirmation of the record will take at least six weeks.

Another similar record was set three years ago in Rotterdam, where 358 people did not stop fighting on the pillows for three minutes.

The idea for this record was inspired by advertising one of the companies of mobile communication in which both beat each other pillows dozens of people. Rotterdamtsy decided to develop the idea to invite hundreds of people.

Pedantic organizers before the start of the fight participants dressed in different color uniforms, explained to them the rules and even showed how it's best to use a pillow fight.


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