Funniest curiosities 2006 (PHOTO)

JANUARY - freezes macaques watered Cahors

Because of the unusually severe frosts that Russians remember January 2006, in the Lipetsk zoo monkeys for the prevention of colds began to give Cahors.

"Japanese macaques, decided to settle for a time of frost in the winter garden of the zoo, in addition, monkeys purchased as a prevention against colds wine" Cahors "and each macaque will produce 100 grams of wine three times a day," - said the director of the Lipetsk Zoo Alexander Osipov. In general, alcohol has become something of a panacea in the place of animals in regions where established strong frosts. For example, in Yaroslavl circus elephants rescued from the cold vodka, spreading it with water. A private Nizhny Novgorod zoo "Limpopo" vodka watered as deer, wild boar, camels and other animals.

FEBRUARY - Tokyo arrested a bully, which is due to stress soiled ice cream mailboxes

In Tokyo, police arrested a 42-year-old Japanese man, who in his spare time secretly pushes chocolate ice cream in the mailbox. He was charged with violating the law on e-mail.

Yoshiaki Kobayashi attacker was caught on one of the subway stations and fully confessed to the crime. In his defense, he said that he was in the heat of passion because of the stress produced at work.

"I was upset because I did not go to work the case. I wanted to give vent to his anger, "- he said investigators motives of the act.

Kobayashi admitted only in one episode, but investigators he was charged with four similar cases: the messages in the mailboxes, located nearby, was smeared with ice cream and liquid soap.

APRIL - Record battle on pillows

About 3659 people packed the stadium on April 23 county Southland (Southland) in the New Zealand city of Invercargill, to take part in the largest battle of the pillows that ever saw the world.

To fight was fixed Guinness Book of Records, the battle record and broadcast local TV.

On the morning of registration, which lasted several hours, collected 3429 people. This was not sufficient to establish a record. However, registration of participants continued after the starting signal, resulting in a "soldiers" have joined a number of interested persons, which should be enough to establish a record.

Organizers beat the previous record of the battle against the pillows, set April 17, 2005 at the University of Albany (USA). Then on pillows while fighting 3648 people.

MAY - Leading News took a taxi driver for the computer expert and interviewed him

London taxi driver survived a few seconds of fame when leading the main news channel BBC Live interviewed him, taking as a computer expert.

Guy was a real expert Cuny, a journalist specializing in computer problems. He was invited to comment on the legal conflict between the company Apple Computers, engaged in the manufacture of computers and label Apple Corp, which publishes the music of The Beatles.

Waiting for the moment of his speech in the back room of the studio BBC, Cuny was watching TV and was very surprised to see that the leading Karen Bowerman is already taking "his" interview.

But looking bewildered black man on the screen bore no resemblance to the bearded scientist husband, although made every effort to answer questions Bowerman.

As it turned out, this "expert" was a taxi driver who came to pick up after the interview Cuny. As soon as he entered the building BBC, hurrying assistant attach the microphone and went into the studio, before he could say something.

JUNE - The new winner for the ugliest dog was "disgusting" Archie

In the United States in June was named the ugliest dog in the world. In 2006, this "honor" was awarded Chinese Crested Dog from Arizona named Archie.

Opinions 300 thousand people who voted on the competition website for pleasurable candidates do not seem to affect the decision of the judges who declared the winner Archie. Meanwhile, among the voters on the Internet were the main favorites dog named Rascal (25066 votes), Munchkin (31,234 votes) and Victoria (49814 votes). Archie received only 210 votes.

Perhaps played the role of mistress dog - Heather Peeples, from Arizona. She wore during the show Archie on his shoulder so that all could see it trump card - disgusting underbelly.

The winner received two prizes and cash awards of $ 1,000. According to Peeples, for the first time she met Archie at an animal shelter, where she worked. One day she took the dog to his home, believing that it will be only for a while. However, she says, her husband, when he saw Archie, fell in love with him at first sight. Shelter paid her $ 10 for her to leave the dog itself.

JULY - Police advised drinking women wearing beautiful underwear

In the UK, the police advised women intending to go somewhere to have fun, wear nice underwear in case if they fall drunk on the street.

In the periodic magazine called Safe !, discharged by police of Suffolk and on the problems of security, photos of girls lying on the ground, accompanied by the inscription: "If you have it, do not parade them».

"If you fall, remember that skirt or dress can batten down - said in a journal. - It may happen that will be seen more than you'd like. Therefore, for the sake of all of us, wear nice pants and do not forget about hair removal ».

SEPTEMBER - goggle-eyed Brazilian

Claudio Paulo Pinto Brazilian has an unusual ability: it can bulge out of their sockets eyeballs to 7 millimeters, which is a national record according to the organization RankBrasil, Brazilian analogue Guinness Book of Records.

"On television, I measured the ophthalmologist. I could vypuchit eyes to 7 millimeters, "- said Pinto. "Since my abilities have improved by more than 50%," - he added.

This brings the Pinto to the record. The title of "the goggle-eyed" in the Guinness Book of Records is now owned by Kim Goodman of Chicago, which can vypuchit his eyeballs out of their sockets by 11 millimeters (0.43 inches).

Ability possessed by Pinto, called "dislocation of the eyeball." According to the doctors, and the strain blood vessels and nerves between the eyes and the brain and appear uncomfortable, but it usually does not cause serious damage.

OCTOBER - from Belarus to Europe escaped by swimming 240 cows

242 Belarusian cows illegally crossed the Belarusian-Polish border. Pets crossed the Bug River in a place where its width is 60 meters. According to witnesses, a herd of cows that graze in the meadow near the border was drawn mooing cow Polish from the other side of the river. Cows suddenly rushed to the river, which is quickly crossed.

Belarusian and Polish border guards were unable to prevent trespassers. "We will not we shoot a cow!" - Said the Belarusian border guards.

Polish border guards, in turn, have also stated that they could not do anything to stop a herd of cows Belarus. According to the Polish military, this is the first time in history, "as the mass transfer of pets from Belarus to the European Union».

Attempts to drive the cows back into the river, so they returned to their homeland, were unsuccessful.

NOVEMBER - Veteran launched firecrackers into the sky ass

In the UK, the trick with the launch of pyrotechnic rocket original way, which has done for laughs 22-year-old young man ended hospital bed.

Recently returned from Iraq, the man decided to revive the traditional celebration of Guy Fawkes night, which took off his pants and invited friends to insert it into the anus rocket. Friends have done it, set fire to the wick and ran back out, as required by safety when handling fireworks.

As a result, no one was hurt except a bold experimenter. Rocket seriously burned his rectum.

According to the present there 16-year-old, they celebrated the feast in the company of 40 people. Veteran of the Iraq campaign, which seemed boring usual fireworks, proposed to launch a rocket from his anus. No one believed in the seriousness of his intentions, but he took off his pants.



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