50 things you should not say naked guy ...

11. Wow, you have such big feet!
12. And my ex-boyfriend 8 centimeters longer ...
13. Do not worry, think of something ...
14. Eww ... you on the hip five-centimeter worm! ..
15. And if you push him he will squeak? ..
16. Oh, how I have a headache! ..
17. (giggle and show "there" finger)
18. Can I tell you frankly?
19. My brother, like an eight-year ...
20. Now, just take your tweezers ...

21. This explains your car ...
22. You must be awkward age?
23. And if you pour the water, it can grow?
24. Thank you, I just needed a toothpick!
25. You must be of the Pygmies ...?
26. And you thought the attraction work?
27. Never heard of Klerasile?
28. Do not think that they are so small!
29. And for that God punished you? ..
30. Well, at least a lot of the time it does not take ...

31. Such I have not seen ...
32. What is called? ..
33. But he's still working, right?
34. Damn, I hate to sit with the kids! ..
35. They will ever use?
36. Are you taking steroids?
37. I've heard from excessive masturbation, it decreases.
38. It may be on daylight it looks better?
39. And we can go directly to cigarettes?
40. Oh, I did not know you had an accident ...

41. Look, he is hiding!
42. What, you cold?
43. Only if you'll first Napo ...
44. Is that an optical illusion?
45. What is it?
46. ​​I'll go get the ketchup for your fries.
47. It is good that you have so many other talents ...
48. So that's why they say that a man should be judged by his soul.
49. See, my dresses for Barbie just his size!
50. Where's the rest?


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