In-law - a mom or a monster?

How to understand this in-law?
But if everything is so wonderful, why do women so often do not find a common language with their second mothers? Why in-law to him so often they find fault, blame and show their displeasure? The answer is simple, it is a common female jealousy.

Try to imagine yourself in the place-law. Here you give birth and then grow, holite and nurture your son. He grows up, graduates from the school, then the institute, and then gets a good job. Then he meets a girl. And not just dating her, he loved her, in his life there is another woman who replaces him all: friends, family, and most importantly - my mother! It is this stranger silly girl becomes his partner, his ideal. That he does this girl his wife and brings to your house. And what do in this situation you hurt? And you hurt that he did not think to ask for your advice! He began to make itself. He grew up, and you have not noticed. He just made you before the fact, and all. And her mother in law has to accept everything as it is. Take at his home of a stranger, taking the love of your son. Such feelings you mothers of grown children, regardless of who it is - in-law or mother-in-law.

Politically correct work husband
But what daughters-in? After all, they are good, they are not guilty, that love exists, that it is inherent in a comprehensive sense of everyone (or almost everyone). They love her husband respect his family, trying to get love and by-laws. But what if the female jealousy in-law is so strong that she could not cope with it? There is not enough without the beloved son and husband in one person. It should lead politically correct work and his wife, and his mother, to help them both to improve relations and to live in peace and harmony. His wife is young, just starting to learn to farm, and often notes in-law, as a more experienced hostess, takes to heart. The husband in this situation simply must always protect and support his wife, even if he sees that his wife is not right, and the rights of his mother. He will have to keep his wife in faith in yourself, because a woman can never be happy with a man unless he gives her a sense of security and peace. He would have to talk alone with her mother and explain that he had grown up, that he was already an adult, independent, and that he has his own family. What he loves his wife, and even if it is not right, he would never give her offense. Such a conversation is necessary not only for him and for his wife, and mother in law.

After in-law for a very long time, will take it to your child, and in all will try to show that it is better than his wife. What does she cook, it's better to do all the washing, and blows with a greater dust than his wife. It's like a kind of competition, which sooner or later will end. And it will end. And this shift will rest her soul. But until then young family far away.

And what daughter?
Very much depends on the bride, which often is not fair to her mother in law. It should not be forgotten that the mother of her husband - is, first and foremost, experienced and wise man. Daughter in law should not be so very eager to show their pride, it would be unpardonable folly. She would have to find a common language-in-law, to try to love her as their mother, to be attentive and obedient, try to be her daughter, whose in-law has never been (and perhaps it was her dream - to give birth to a daughter and not a son).

Sister in law will have to show worldly wisdom. She would have to remember that the greater the age difference between her and her mother in law, the more visible the conflict of generations. Now the life of another, other priorities. In-law would be difficult to realize that daughter just need to go to the gym and solarium. Indeed, in her years there was nothing.

Daughter-in should never complain about their parents-in-law. After all, it is thus not only gain the confidence, as it seems, and make matters worse, sow fear in the mind of the "second mother" and that she would be saying the same thing. You can never complain about her husband, mother in law. Even if she realizes that her son was not ideal, we show this out and admit it publicly for her would be tantamount to recognize themselves as frustrated mother. It's no wonder there is a saying "An apple does not fall far from the tree." Do not initiate in-law in the past. And if the daughter still has to lift the veil and let his netemnogo the past, we must try to do it at a minimum, because not every mother wants her son to compare with somebody else, and God forbid the worse ...

So, to sum up all the above, it can be concluded that in-law - is primarily a mother. Mom, that is, blinded by unbridled love for his son. Therefore, to find the key to her heart can only love the track. Knock and the door will open your pen!


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