cool or not? :)

20.41 (Center)
 - LM: "Hello, what?»
 - JB: "Everything is going, we're drinking coffee with Vika, call in on us!»
 - LM: "In the sense of" us "?»
 - DB: "Well, flip it to the house, and that she lives Churkin: Oh, we're still ordered dessert: You have fifteen minutes to drive up better, OK ?!»

20.52 (First River, LW puts the car into the parking lot, is transplanted into another car, traveling the countryside)
 - JB: "Hello, you're waiting for us?»

 - LM: "Of course»
 - JB: "We have a little sit down, ordered liquor: We Vika week have not seen!»
 - LM: "Yes, no problem»

21.55 (Sedanka, LM pretty drunk, going to make kebabs)
 - JB: "Hi! And then the fun! We have booked likerchika: uk: Only way it is here: »
 - LM: "Do not worry, I'll pay for you, feel free to»
 - DB: "Well, then, we still repeat the dessert?»
 - LM: "Well, of course I'll wait in the car until»

22.35 (Sedanka, LM eats barbecue and flirting with the girls)
 - JB: "Hello! We then met Natasha, she was with her boyfriend, we'll take them on Neybuta? »
-LM: "Of course'll take: Treat, their, way too liqueur»
(Compression laughs)

23.25 (Sedanka all already know, the phone is included in the LM "loud»)
 - DB: "Well, we are ready to go: We are waiting for you»
 - LM: "Yes, it'll be there: On how many account?»
 - JB: "Five, eight»
-LM: "No problem, wait»
(Hangs up, as people huddled laughs)

23.50 (Sedanka, people drink and dance)
 - JB: "Hello! Well, where are you ?! »
 - LM: "Yes, friend here met, need to talk ... Call in ten minutes" (Calms hitters in hysterics company).

00.01 (Sedanka, all carefully watch phone LW)
 - DB: "Well, where are you, here is all the waiters gathered !!»
 - LM: "Oh, sorry, I'll be there today are not, with a friend, we urgently need to even walk his dog: She already on the quiet: Bye! Good night, Smack! »
(Phone is switched off, LM tries in vain to catch falling under the table laughing friends)


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