I love the work, like salary!
More and more, I myself in this fishing.
I love the boss: he is better than others!
And Bossova boss and all the rest.
I love my office, its placement.
And to leave, I feel disgusted.
I love my furniture, damp and gray,
The papers, which in God I believe!
I love my chair in a cell without light,
And in the world there is no more beloved object!
I love and equal to me on the situation.
They leer, ridicule, mockery.
My dear Computer Display and I personally
Sneak a whole, even though they are indifferent
And every time again and again,
I occasionally silyus understand !!!
I am happy to be here; and it is not weakened
Favorite work Happy slave.
I rules and schedule adore,
I like meetings, although there asleep.
I love the work I say austere;
And these elegant, all white people,
Came to see me today,
With a desire somewhere to put me !!!

 - Well, che, went out of the woods? Che stand?
 - Lence, you know, in the carburetor condensate ...
 - Damn, you Peugeot on the injectors, and my natural color - Brown! Come on, I say!


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