Padonsky Slang - now and for the doctors! =)

In Bobruisk, the animal! - We recommend a spa treatment in places not so remote.
 In buddylist! - A request for hiring a specialist.
 Aftor, kill yourself! - You better commit an act of euthanasia, because Your continued operation is meaningless. option: kill the author sibya / vypy yadu.
 Bayan - Syringe.
 Learn Albanian! - You are advised to examine more closely the specialized literature.
 Not disclosed subject boobs! Not disclosed subject fucked! - Insufficiently substantiated diagnosis. It requires additional testing.
 This is a five! - Excellent outcomes!
 In disyatke and niibet ... - this regimen is recommended to take over the international standard.
 The author is cool - the pathologist does not agree with the diagnosis.
 Fuck off the beach! - Further treatment meaningless, because it does not bring results. It is recommended to write home with a number of prescribing drugs for palliative care. Option when referring to the nurse: "Tanya, a double dose of chlorpromazine this importunate starikanov!»
 Author Pesci ischo! - In the state of the patient's positive dynamics, it is recommended to continue the therapy. Option: Functional diagnosis does not correspond to a given disability group, the patient asks the doctor, "added».
 In gazenvagen - diagnostic criteria are not consistent with international standards.
Ftopku- not using advanced diagnostics and treatment standards. Case: The patient is recommended to be cremated.
 Kitty, you're offended? - You do not agree with the diagnosis? Well, wait for the autopsy! ..
 Cool - council agreed judgments diagnostic and therapeutic tactics doctor.
 Bespesdy - on the drug randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.
 Fpesdu - treatment is futile. Patients are encouraged to send to the morgue.
 GP Govnoplyuev - name proctologist.
 Author - atsky Soton! - Atestatsionnaya Commission has decided to deny the diploma of a doctor, due to professional incompetence.
 The first tries - diagnosis at the initial examination.
 the second tries - Head of Department did not agree with the doctor's diagnostic judgments.
 three tries - the professor disagrees with the head of the department of diagnostic judgments.
 Ahuet give two! - Double the dose of antibiotic therapy.
 Niasilil - doctors are not interested in the treatment of this patient to masturbate, thank you - in spite of the initial treatment the patient remains without positive dynamics.
 And the pictures? - No chest radiography (blood test for RW).
 Kosher - the doctor after a meeting with relatives of the patient: the bucks in their pockets, in hands bags with booze and snacks.
 Images are not loaded - X-ray images to be repeated. In Memories - the archive.
 Why are you the grass - the doctor prescribe treatment that does not match this disease, which emerged as a result of side effects.
 Glamurnenko - a full recovery.
 no panimayu - the patient diagnostically unclear.
 Fotozhopa - there is evidence of falsification of diagnosis.
 Scared to hiccups - after a survey conducted by suspected malignancy were not confirmed.
 You have Mosk? - Due to the fact that the patient blonde tomographic investigation of the head is required to determine the presence of the central nervous system.
 Where did you take this herb? - Recommended consulting professor of the feasibility of using this drug.
 Drain zaschitan - pathologist confirmed the diagnosis.
 Achtung! - Require more detailed medical history.
 Yandex canceled? - Recognition of the fact that the doctor not competent in this field. Variant: the rejection in a patient consultation.
 Smeyalso all office - the verdict of the gynecologist, after examining the 102-year-old patient.
 Adnaznachna! - All possible and impossible, assistance was provided in full, in spite of death.
 Chet rules! - Refuse to provide disability.
 LOL - violent emotions, showing diffuse brain damage.
 Location've stole kreatif - the theme of the thesis is outdated.
 You're a loser, kill yourself - the patient decided to seek help from representatives of alternative medicine.
 Bastards, go to FSE yuh! Babruysk - for babrof! - The doctor does not agree with the diagnostic judgments consultants and decides to leave the diagnosis and treatment of the same. Variant: the anesthesiologist maniac decides to operate under some muscle relaxants.
 One blunt snout - a general practitioner (family doctor) at the reception.
 Respect gyyyyyyygygyg - the decision of the Academic Council for doctoral degree applicants.
 Prekolno, but not enough - despite the positive trend, it is recommended to add laxatives, diuretics / O combined with sleeping pills.
 There are also polutstse - the autopsy revealed pathology, not the reflected doctor in the final diagnosis.
 Niasilil. Many bukf. Tomorrow Asilah - to postpone the examination because of contraindications.
 Aftoru respegt the idea - the doctor would like to thank the counselor for assistance.
 Nastayaschy Ybl created shidevr - stop trials of the drug on human beings because of side effects.
 HUYASSE ?? - Issue a gynecologist during the examination. Variant: the question of the anesthesiologist during administration of the drug.
 UZHOS tries - a disease in an advanced stage.
 NOT YEBI OX - patient requires a doctor to tell the whole truth about the severity of the disease.
 In kamentah fag Achtung - insufficient recognition of competent experts previously examined and who treated the patient
 PRICK Apache - Mirrors vaginal examination patients
 Wait pachitayu - pathologist began to study the history option: the doctor had never heard that this disease exists.
 I plakal - patient died from opening



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