Animal fear

• cat in a bag Buy animals better in specialized pet shops, but not in the poultry market. This will help to avoid many problems such as lack of documentation from pets and dangerous to human disease. If you just bought a young one proved to be ill, it is necessary to check contact the store and try to return or exchange the "live goods." In an unsuccessful attempt to apply to the delivery of the beast vetkliniku where small animal patient diagnosis and establish whether he was sick before the purchase. Obtaining the documents, you can go to a pet store or go to court.
At the pet store you are quickly brought back the money, but only those that have been spent on purchasing a pet. The court will have to spend a lot of time, but can be requested from those responsible for the payment of expenses to the vet for the maintenance pet until the end of the process, pay damages.

• PACKING SUITCASES not want to part with your pet, even while on vacation? Then it's time to arrange pet documents - a veterinary certificate gosobraztsa and export license. The certificate can be obtained at any gosvetklinike, it is signed by the doctor and stamped. A license gives the Russian Canine Association. Learn more about the rules of transportation of animals may be in the veterinary control points at the airport or train station - depending on the type of transport that you have decided to travel.

REQUIREMENTS FOR AIRPORTS: 1) For the import of animals from abroad, an international passport or a certificate issued by the state vetorganom and ensuring the absence of animal diseases and the availability of necessary vaccinations. 2) For the export of animal abroad need a license to export and a veterinary certificate, drawn up for the 3 days before the trip, with a note on vaccination against rabies. At the border crossing certificate is exchanged for an international certificate. 3) For the carriage of animal by Russia needs a veterinary certificate.

• stowaways Each airline sets its own rules on the transport of animals and birds (the presence of cells, the ability to travel in the cabin or in the luggage compartment) and the ticket prices for the four-legged and feathered. Often, the price depends on the weight of the animal.

• OVERSEAS rules in each country has its own veterinary rules and regulations, therefore, going on a trip with your pet, do not forget to read them.


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