Useful properties of grapes

Any grapes - a good source of potassium; black grapes - a source of antioxidants. Give recovering grapes - tradition. Grapes, served for dessert - light, appetizing food. Although grapes sweet, fattening him not: a bunch of grapes weighing 100g provides about 60 calories. Grapes - good source of potassium, however, there was little vitamins and minerals. At the same weight of grapes and kiwi in the last 5 times more vitamin C. However, the red and black grapes Unlike the white rich in bioflavonoids. These antioxidants, which are thought to neutralize free radicals, and thus may protect against heart disease and cancer.

However, phenols and tannins present in red grapes, can cause migraine. But the main drawback of grapes - is dirt on the skin: yeasts and molds, harmful substances from contaminated air and pesticide residues. Therefore, before eating grapes should be washed thoroughly.


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