The mental abilities of children are dependent on the length of the two fingers

mental capacity of children depend on the length of the two fingers.

Now, parents can determine the mental abilities of their children, barely glancing at their hands. According to research by scientists from the University of Bath, the tendency to assimilate school disciplines depends on the length of the two fingers!

The researchers measured the size of the index and ring fingers in 75 children 6-7 years of age. In addition to the ability to define a particular subject held in parallel oral and written test. Parameters were compared with the results of fingerprint verification. To the surprise of scientists has discovered a clear pattern. Children whose ring finger is longer than the index, proved to be better in mathematical problems. And schoolboys with a long index finger, "gave a head start" in the literary tasks.

Scientists have explained the results of the influence of hormones during fetal development. The length of the fingers and brain development are determined by the same sexual hormones. Testosterone increases "mathematical" parts of the brain at the same time "shortens" the index finger. Estrogen is responsible for the "fictional" zone "extends" the finger. Thus, children with short index finger in the womb were under the strong influence of testosterone, so it is easier given math. The folks who have long ring finger, was greatly influenced by estrogen, therefore, they have good language skills.

Commented Head of the Laboratory of sports anthropology, genetics and morphology of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Tamara ABRAMOVA:

- The fact is interesting, although it can be taken with a great deal of criticism. Firstly, it is necessary to conduct the study for at least 200 children. Secondly, the measurements of the lengths of the fingers may be errors (for example, if the fingers crooked). But in any case, even in the presence of certain markers in the development of different possibilities are very great abilities. Therefore, for example, a boy with short ring fingers quite able to master the exact sciences in the school curriculum.


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