Russians and Muscovites

Russians and Muscovites in principle are not so irreconcilable enemies!

Interesting results have brought the last opinion poll Fund "Public Opinion". It turns out that the majority of Russians do not like Muscovites, but feel very positive feelings toward the capital. More than half of the respondents with the residents of the capital have never talked. Experts believe this situation is quite normal. The difference between the mentality of the inhabitants of the capital and regions felt. She usugublinetsya financial gap between the incomes of Muscovites and provincials. Therefore, the latter are so eager to Moscow - a city of great opportunities. But having arrived in the capital, they acquire the same qualities for which once so disliked Muscovites.

Contrary to popular belief, most Russians are positive capital. According to the fund "Public Opinion", Moscow positively perceived 36% of the population, and the negative - only 22%. Over a third of the inhabitants of the province do not feel any emotion to the capital. At the same time Muscovites themselves inclined to dramatize the situation and exaggerated hostility to Moscow. Thus, 50% of the capital's residents believe that their city is not in the people they love. Among the regional respondents share this opinion, only 33%.

The survey results are interesting in that the Russians clearly differentiate their attitude to Moscow and Muscovites. Here are the capital's residents, they really do not like. According to sociologists, in fact communicate with the Muscovites brought less than half of Russians, 40% have never met with them, 31% rarely communicate. Regularly maintain relations with the inhabitants of the capital, only 17% of respondents. In this case, 6% of respondents believe the Muscovites greedy, selfish and jealous, 3% - frankly "parasitic" on the other Russians, 3% are confident in their aggressiveness and brutality.

"I must admit that Muscovites are peculiar to these qualities, especially young girls - said" NO "psychologist Marina Zueva. - They believe that they would marry any guy from the province. Although the majority of respondents had only a one-bedroom apartment with his parents. Muscovites consider themselves the most beautiful, intelligent and educated ».

Judging by the results of the survey, this opinion is shared by many provincials. 3% of respondents believe that Muscovites distinguished manners, intelligence and high cultural level. 4% believe them to be successful and wealthy, and 2% - determined and purposeful.

Russians view remains unchanged for the welfare of Muscovites. 79% of respondents believe that the capital income is incomparably higher than the Russian average. "In general, the root of hostility to the Muscovites is in envy - said" NO "scientific director of the Center for Social Innovation and Research Eugene Gontmaher. - Of course, the residents of the province are unhappy that they work for much lower wages. For example, the Muscovites receive an average of one thousand. Dollars, while the average salary in the country is 10 thousand. Rubles ».

According to forecasts by Mr. Gontmakher, in 15-20 years the situation may change. If the standard of living in the regions will be comparable with Moscow, the influx of non-resident in the capital will be significantly reduced. In the meantime, every third graduate of regional universities dream move to the golden-domed.

"In most developed countries have 50-60 years ago, stopped the outflow of people from the provinces to the big cities, - said" NO "Mr. Gontmaher. - Who is there in small cities and towns can be found next to the house a decent job and earn a good salary. When this happens, and we will disappear envy of Muscovites. But the difference in mentality still remain, and the negative attitude to the residents of the capital still to some extent preserved. Only will no longer be jealous of, and to criticize the lifestyle and character of the Muscovites. This is the case in other countries. For example, the French believe Parisians arrogant mods. And this despite the fact that the standard of living of the national average is comparable ».

However, experts recognize that from an economic point of view, it is now moving to Moscow provincials. "Trying to achieve success in the capital, visiting more active - said" NO "Doctor of Economics Nikita Krichevsky. - It comes at their expense growth of the city. So to claim that Muscovites live at the expense of the provincials, to some extent justified. The results of the opinion poll are quite logical. Hicks love Moscow for a great opportunity. However, they do not always understand that in order to use these features, it is necessary to turn, as do Muscovites ».

It turns out that in the regions of the capital's residents do not like it for those traits that help them survive in the big city. Arriving in Moscow, provincials have to learn to be Muscovites, and thus acquire all the qualities that so angered them before.


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