About Moscow and demography

It was 1989. Year of the ongoing restructuring and change. In Moscow we have traveled first Mercedes that we, the boys of Vladimir province, trying to see has not mired in traffic jams the streets of the capital. The first item of the cultural program was the mausoleum. We passed by the harsh ushers in a form which did not give us a long time to linger and consider long-deceased leader of the world revolution. Then, in a museum dedicated to the leader, we have solemnly put on red ties, and we joined the slender ranks of the future supporters of the socialist way of life. Then we sat in their red ties at the circus with trained animals (Durov Corner), and it is important to bear bowed and walked so close that it seems possible to touch hands.

And then we were in this grocery store where, seeing the chips, our class has lost relevance and frantically started to count the remainder of buying ice cream and lemonade detail. I scored a lot. Conversely, our bus was driving, uttering loud crisp-sucking sounds. Several boxes of chips were divided on the whole class, and I still remember how at home I ate the chips together with their parents.

Later, a trip to the capital is more mundane. The country has ceased to be united and not split up into many very friendly and peaceful republics. True, it's not us very worried. Last school trip to Moscow was devoted to visit the Tretyakov Gallery. We have already (by our standards) adults blockheads and after 1 hour excursion gradually piled up (close patsanskim team) in search of a cold beer.
Not that we were absolutely indifferent to art, just on a larger scale it quickly bored. As I remember, I was interested in a few things. Square Malevich painting "Ivan the Terrible kills his son" (I've read that some crazy doused her with acid and recovered it for a long time), "Boyar Morozova", "Morning of the Strelets 'Execution' and ancient Russian icons. By that time I was already addicted to Russian history and antiquities (especially coins), and my grandmother taught me to read in Church Slavonic, but he is not so very different from the ancient language.

Then there were attempts to go to college, work at the plant, zaochke session in the capital (which are usually held in partying, booze and debauchery), walks through the evening and night Moscow Arbat with their artists, musicians and just marginal. Moscow has not changed much, although she could get colored shop windows of expensive boutiques and taverns, casinos and restaurants. It evokes a feeling of rejection, we are ashamed of their poverty, that is, against the background of another's wealth, was not just noticeable, the difference was enormous. But that's been our Moscow.

And then there was New Year's night, when I'm with my fiancee decided sezdit on New Year's concert on Red Square. By this time, I finally gave up his job at the factory, because to live on this money could be difficult, but for a young man of 22 years to retire and go to work in the capital has not as difficult as for 30 years', burdened with his wife and kids. I did not want to sit at home with a future mother, his contacts with the institute hostel I lost, and almost all of her friends worked. Holiday was nominated for the 1st of January. So the idea to go to the masses was adopted.
But, my God! After several cordons of "Okhotny Ryad" to Red Square and successfully overcome the metal detector, I was just floored. I had a feeling that the Muscovites were present only my friend, but from the Russian were only two of us. And I have them, she then laughed, apparently taken for his (probably due to the dark hair and repeatedly broken nose). It seemed to me that all Asians and lumps, working in Moscow, decided to carry out and celebrate the New Year in her heart (I previously with its neighbors in the institute hostel met NG on Tverskaya Square and we have not noticed such problems). Needless to say, we retreated very quickly. To combat the chimes had)))).

So that's what I did. Previously, I saw our former citizens of friendly Asian republics except as janitors and workers' housing and builders. But recently the situation has changed. I work for a company that is a distributor of several European luxury brands of cosmetics and perfumes in Russia. But our company, with all its obemah not very numerous. And so, as the staffing logistician, I have to juggle multiple jobs for one salary - logistician, deputy head of the Warehouse, loaders, forwarders, and God knows whom. Perhaps this will soon lead to the fact that I did leave, but now it's not about that.
So, first thing. Many companies that operate in the freight market in the Moscow region has been actively use the services of drivers Asians. They do this within the framework of the economy, because they are willing to work for less money than the Muscovites and all Russian. This is understandable, but it's a dead end. I personally have already dropped out of the number of firms with which we work, such firms. Preservation of the goods, the freight forwarder health and nerves are more important than the savings on wage transport (just do not have to cling to that item in the first place, it just happened).

Second. Many warehouses belonging to the leading companies in the perfumery and cosmetics market in Moscow (and hence and Russia, because they are working on regions) increasing the proportion of workers from Asia and less Russian. Russian work only in places where Asians do not deliver. Computers, 1C warehouse, etc. Everything else - behind them. About shipping companies (such as all sorts of "business lines", "1 freight company," etc.) I really do not say anything.

If someone tells me that the Russian did not go there to work, and so they take up space Asians, I am ready to give him not only the stone. They do not just do not go, they are running out, because in the pursuit of minimizing the costs of salaries were not only not grow, they fall. Of course, no sane person with self-respect would not go back. Work for the food? Fuck this job.
That's all, the policy of our government, tacit support their business, using hired labor from these republics, the lack of real control and bribery, and lead to the fact that our streets are increasingly non-Russian people and less confidence in the fact that in our schools begin to teach Islam, and our wives and children will be able to feel on our streets safely and protected. What can you tell if the FMS knows the real numbers, many migrants currently in the country.

I will not write much about the LCN. These comrades to work not pound, they are Asians graft for a penny will not, because it does not work we used to. The truth is sometimes caught females LCN. They are distinguished hamovatoe behavior and inner conviction that it is higher on the status of Russian. Dick knows on some, but they themselves are built of many. In fairness, I note that in a large network (engaged in trade all at once, mostly food) have been observed Dagestan, where normal guys that their words are not very fond of fellow-majors, and ride expensive cars in Moscow. Work it hard, earnings are not very big, so the guys respect. Apparently in his flock a lousy decent people. Although most dagov, Czechs, Ingush can be met with the same "European". Apparently there are a number of the slot. Standing near the center from the area, or when you turn to the Big Dorogomilov the 2nd Bryansk. What they are doing is not very clear, but the work is not very similar. But if I was somehow an accident involving our bearded friends from Chechnya. GAI grazing near the accident looked, they saw a bearded, yawned and turned away indifferently. The main bearded claimed (according to the driver of another car accident Party) that he is a man who knows and respects all Dorogomilovskiy market.

Do not you think that Russia is high time to go the way of Japan, where a foreigner can get a job only if it does not claim to Native? And what happened to Caucasians who were friendly towards other nations (read to the Russian)? Rhetorical question, I guess. The fish rots from the head after all. But why not come to us normal people?

I am familiar with a number of Caucasians, including his job. Intelligent, good people. The nephew of one of our drivers - the doctor. The driver - my dear man. My former roommate in a Moscow hospital - sculptor, professor, who knew Korolev (in fact, he did bust). Voditel- Dagestan from one partner company, the normal cultural and adequate man. What is the problem? Maybe the fact that they were born in the USSR? And some people, and for a long time. Then supply us normal people can only Georgia and Armenia? And then, with no guarantee that the profits will not appear banal trader-dealers or criminal elements. Ie those who have and so abundant. Sadly it all.
Already in Moscow, there are areas where the number of the indigenous population plummeted, now going into the subway, I kept going Russian percent relative to the amount of people in the car. Even now, I understand that one of Moscow, which I loved, for which I could walk, feeling its ancient breathing anymore. There Maskvabad where anyone feels himself the master, but not Russian.

Let's appreciate their employees, let's feed the Russian, not Uzbek and Tajik families. Now you chase for savings, then be surprised that among your neighbors, no more Russian. And yes, there is no incitement of ethnic hatred, it is just a pragmatic approach to the formation of my environment. And I prefer to communicate in the Russian environment and in Russian. While those on whom the most, probably thinking that they will only communicate with the indigenous British.

P / S quarrel over mnogabukv just in my head spun for a long time, here and decided to let the paper suffers.

ZY Added a couple of days later. Went to train as usual began wandering peddlers and beggars. The second category not stand at all. It comes with a child in his arms: "Save me, help me, give at least bread, etc. etc. "Shit, and we'll name? I would sit in my (dick knows what) the camp, let you help your relatives, have their poor through the roof. And maybe she has given birth here. We are generous, their loot for giving birth, and they are our taxes for free. In short, no, I never tolerastov.

And yes, here's another. Lord Muscovites (if they are available in the 4th generation, for the rest of the channel is not root), do not moan about pliz come in large numbers, but rather rejoice that you have come to Vladimir, Tver, Tula, Ryazan and other rasseyskie. You think for that it would be if we did not have. You would then generally in the chock-Asians disappeared. They were looking to each other with a flashlight, if at all dared to come out to the street (by the way, is also an option. Muscovites leave the capital, are chock + government a couple of bombs on Moscow and all easier).
All you can kick.



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