Few interesting facts about tea


In X - XI centuries in China, when the Tang dynasty large tea plantations owners were obliged to take tea to the state in exchange for tea bonds, which they were free to buy other goods. It is these bonds in 1024 became the world's first paper money.

Heinrich Schliemann - famous archaeologist, excavated Troy earned their money exactly at tea, at least a substantial part of it. He began his trade when his business went bankrupt cotton.

Tea was one of the good reasons to create an independent America. To some extent it owes its existence to the United States of tea. At night, December 15, 1773 in Boston has come a cargo of tea, which England imposed an additional tax, this was the last straw. With this event began Department of the United States from Britain.

England is famous for its tea traditions, such as pouring tea into a cup of milk on top, as the British put a teaspoon per cup, to send a signal to his servants, that tea is no longer necessary. There were amusing embarrassment to those who were not familiar with the English tradition. For example, in one of the French prince de'Broyl teas she drank as much as 12 cups, yet realized what was happening. It got to the point that some savvy guests hid a cup in his pocket, so they do not pour tea.

In France, tea became popular after Cardinal Mazarin, who took tea as a cure for gout, gave it to the King. At the time, around the tea there were a lot of legends. Him and smoked through a pipe before it mixed with brandy, whiten teeth with ashes. Tea has become very fashionable. All members of high society were forced to use it ** be, even if he did not like.

By the middle of the XIX century in Moscow, it was used 60% of the total tea imported to Russia. Muscovites are very fond of tea, but malorosii it was widely believed that the Muscovites - vodohlёby, t. To. In the depths of the tea did not know anything, and thought that Muscovites drinking just water.

The most expensive was tea and Chinese tea is "Da Hong Pao". In 2010, the auction of tea in China 50 grams of tea sold 20 000 euros.

All pleasant tea drinking.


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