10 These beneficial properties of green tea will make you fall in love with this drink even more!

Green tea - a drink of emperors. It is difficult to come up with a drink that would be more useful. Of course, the taste of green tea is very specific and not everyone likes it. But it is necessary to try - and you get used to its astringency special, unusual aftertaste and delicate aroma. Read about these features of green tea, a very positive impact on our body. Maybe next time it will be necessary to choose - black or green - you give preference to this drink, because he really deserves it.

1. Restorative remedy

Due to the antioxidants and minerals, green tea has anti-inflammatory effects. It is known that it is recommended to drink even for people with cancer, as a tool that can output even the heaviest toxins from the body. If you add a little honey in the tea, you get a tonic, very pleasant to the taste.

2. Drink brain

Green tea contains caffeine, which greatly stimulates brain activity. If excess of caffeine, which is supplied together with coffee, can cause anxiety and sleep disturbances, in the case of tea are no such problems. This is because green tea other than caffeine, theanine contained which neutralize its harmful effects on the nervous system. So a cup of green tea in the morning affects the brain as well bodryasche like coffee!

3. For a slim figure

The secret of green tea is that it speeds up the metabolism. That is why the extra weight goes so quickly and quietly. This wonderful tea not only helps to combat fat deposits, it is more and helps to maintain a stable weight, even if you're not on a diet.

4. For proper metabolism

Green tea also contains minerals, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and copper. And zinc, in itself is an antioxidant, is also required to maintain normal levels of vitamin E in the blood and helps the absorption of vitamin A. iron contained in it plays a positive role in blood formation, improves the composition of the liquid material, increases the number of red blood cells.

5. Protection against diseases

Because of catechin contained in green tea are abundant, it protects the body from dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Especially important is the fact that for the elderly.

6. For healthy teeth

Green tea has a pronounced antibacterial effect. Harmful bacteria such as streptococci, retreating under the action of the active substances in green tea. Thus, teeth and mouth are in safe, tea does not fear any inflammatory processes in the mouth.

7. Diabetes

Thiamine - Vitamin B1 is responsible for the correct sugar metabolism in the body. Drinking green tea, you maintain glucose metabolism in the body at a stable level.

8. For beautiful skin

Green tea extract extremely beneficial effect on the skin and stronger than any cosmetic product. It stimulates her breathing, it causes dilation of small blood vessels and not mechanically and biochemically cleans pores. Your skin will be very grateful to you for getting rid of excess toxins, which also makes green tea.

9. For a healthy liver

Green tea markedly accelerates the decomposition of blood cholesterol and fats, which cause atherosclerosis and heart disease. Regular use maintains its elasticity of blood vessels, prevents fatty liver. If drunk after drinking several cups of green tea, there will be a terrible hangover!

10. For youth

Green tea is able "to put the clock back" and slow down the aging process. Its anti-aging potential 18 times greater than the effect produced by vitamin E. Under the influence of substances found in green tea, the cells are rapidly renewable. Drink tea and Young!

These incredible beneficial properties of green tea so affected me that I want to immediately make a pair kruzhechek. Natural remedy that helps preserve health and improve your appearance - it is very tempting.

If you are impressed by this paper, I show it to your friends. Enjoy your tea!

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