7 reasons not to drink tea

accepted that strong hot tea is useful at elevated temperatures. But this is far from reality. Recently British pharmacologists found that strong tea, not only does not benefit suffering fever, but, on the contrary, theophylline contained in tea increases body temperature. Theophylline is also a diuretic, so it makes ineffective or low efficiency all antipyretic drugs.

You can not drink very hot tea. Its long-term use can lead to painful changes of the throat, esophagus and stomach. The temperature of the tea should not exceed 56 ° C.

Do not drink tea just before bedtime - because of the exciting action of caffeine and aromatic substances. A cup of strong tea before bedtime causes central nervous system and the brain in a state of excitation pulse quickens, blood flow is accelerated, it becomes almost impossible to sleep. The high content of caffeine and theine in strong tea can cause headaches and insomnia.

Not recommended repeatedly brew tea. Usually after the third or fourth brewing in tea leaves there is little that remains. If you repeatedly make tea, the infusion may go and harmful components as harmful elements contained in very small quantities in tea leaves, go to the infusion least.

It is also not recommended to drink tea immediately after a meal. Tannin contained in tea can lead to hardening of the protein and iron, which impairs their absorption. Drinking tea is desirable not earlier than after a meal, wait 20-30 minutes.

You can not drink tea drugs. Tannins contained in tea, splitting to form tannin, from which many drugs give pellet and poorly absorbed.

Tea is not compatible with alcohol. Tea after alcohol adversely affects the kidneys. Theophylline is contained in tea, accelerates the process of urine production in the kidneys, which leads to the fact that they may get more undigested acetaldehyde, which has a strong stimulant adverse effects on the kidneys, in some cases, be life-threatening. Liquor is not necessary to interfere with the tea, and, in particular, with strong tea.

Source: www.everyday.com.ua/greentea/about/harm.htm

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