Alpine BMW Sinister 6

Alpine BMW 6 Sinister - car in, general, is not new, especially when you consider that the work on the project was launched back in 2005, and the premiere of the final version in May of 2007. However, in our press this miracle machine went somehow casual, almost no attention that it deserves besspopno. So we decided to talk about it again, but with great interest.

The very idea of ​​a car-studio born minds Steve Brown and Gary Bell employees in the infamous musical circles firm Alpine. "Alpine" and also belongs to all that recording, playback equipment, which has been to push the car without number and account. For body works took American studio HR Giger.

Motor did not touch, and correctly, 645Ci yet, but touched salon, which disappeared one chair, and the second, using the open space, to learn to rotate around its axis. Thus, Alpine simplified access driver musician all microphones, radio screens and small screen, to score a full perimeter of the cab.

Brembo agreed to work on the brakes, or rather to make them from scratch, but, unfortunately, the Italian calipers and disks is very difficult to make an impression on the viewer, because if not its small size, they are completely lost in a crazy wheels of one of the most famous US kastamizatsionnyh offices, firm Boyd Coddington. These manholes are 24 inches in front and 26 rear already!

The real highlight of Sinister hidden in the luggage compartment, away from prying eyes, but not far from prying ears, because there are hidden 12 subwoofers total power 8000 watts. Especially for them, the trunk had to step up, so that there could easily move and the engine. After this, talk about the folding metal roof even somehow funny ...


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