Aggression in Russian society grows ..

Studies Academy of Sciences shows that in terms of aggression and hatred of the Russians occupy the first place [next] Russian Academy of Sciences stated: "Comparative studies show that in terms of aggression, brutality and hatred towards their surroundings Russians occupy the first place, at least in Europe" . This article is about a study the Institute of Psychology was the sensation of the day. During my two-hour conversation with the deputy director of the Institute of Andrei Yurevich he had to call journalists from 20 publications. All were asked to "as soon as possible" to be interviewed or invited to speak in the programs on the main TV channels.

In a striking irony publication impartial diagnosis of the emotional state of the company coincided with the annual press conference of Vladimir Putin. The president said that his country intends to become the leader for all those people who want to remain faithful to the "conservative, including religious values" and are astonished at the moral corruption of the Western world.

In Russia, like to boast about their (supposedly unique) responsiveness and repeat after Fyodor Dostoevsky that the Russian - "God-bearing people", which is God in his heart. Such statements can be heard, for example, from the mouth of Nikita Mikhalkov.

14 years ago, a young and not very developed physically limonovets Dmitry Bakhur during the author's meeting with the director cast him an egg. When such a projectile hit once in Viktor Yanukovych, who lost consciousness from fear. Filmmaker of international renown was stronger. "Throw it on the ground," - he ordered his guards, and when the gorilla by removing neutralized attacker hands held him face down, our dear and paraslavny gentleman approached him and deigned much kick to the face.

"Aggression is growing in all areas of the relationship between spouses who hire assassins to solve family problems, to ways of committing suicide. Approximately half of our fellow citizens said that regular use of foul language in relations with others and thinks this behavior is perfectly normal. Most often do young mothers, "- say psychologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Near my house there is a school in Moscow, which is considered good. Every morning his mother in exasperation and almost running (in this city everything in a hurry, and rarely someone comes time) take their children to class, urging them loud and very rude expressions. I remembered the cry of a young woman raising her six-year old daughter: "I tell you, f ... b ..., saying that you're not dragging this into the mouth, and you're still dragging».

But what may be a claim to the young mother, when a few days ago head of the Missionary Department of the Tomsk diocese Maxim Stepanenko ROC in all seriousness proposed officially call the women who gave birth out of wedlock, "b-word." According to ecclesiastical functionary, the word will keep women from falling into the abyss of corruption and raise the moral level of the people.

In everyday speech, the Russians dominated not only the mat - the expression of an incredibly rich vocabulary here swear words, but "thieves" came from the criminal world, vocabulary. She knows almost everything and uses, for example, at least half of the students. The relations teens also build in accordance with the strict rules of the prison. They are divided into classes, both in the camera, the boys (tough guys) and goats (disenfranchised). "Steep" victimized lager undesirable ways. In one of the Samara school bullies do not just beat a classmate who complained to them, but also raped his broomstick.

Such a code students can learn through familiar criminals or violent domestic films, which often go on television. And learn from the police. In March last year in Kazan Hospital, died 52-year-old man, who was brought from the police department, "Far." He managed to tell the doctors that the police tortured him using a bottle of champagne. An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was rupture of the rectum.

It later emerged that a bottle of beer - a popular tool in police stations torture.

The fact that the Russians is growing aggression, and life becomes more and more fierce, demonstrates the tragic statistics. In Russia, 100 thousand residents account for 12 murders a year (according to other sources - 22) more than in other countries of Eurasia. Even if we take the official statistics, murders committed in the country ten times more than in Poland and four than in the US. Russia concede on this indicator, only the war-torn and bloody internal conflict countries in Africa and Latin America.

Typical murder does not happen during gang warfare, as they might think those who believe in fairy tales about the omnipresent mafia, after quarrels between casual acquaintances or relatives. The most common victims of "murder in Russian" - a killer pal, the one who saw him from a bottle.

That's the night of 9 May 10 in Volgograd killed 23-year-old Vladislav Tornovoy. While noting the anniversary of the victory over Germany, the young man was drinking beer with two friends - Alexei and Anton Burkov Smolin and jokingly admitted that he was gay. Tipsy Smolin was furious: he is a felon with a large army veteran can not sit at the same table with the "so" gay place at the "bucket" - stinking latrine in the corner of the cell. They Burkov rushed to his friend, stripped of clothes and began kicking him in the ass to drive beer bottles. One, two, three came only half ... They hit the victim in the ribs, and then put the body on the cardboard and set on fire. When the fire was extinguished, Smolin grabbed 20-pound cobblestone and a few strokes of his head smashed Tornovomu. Spattered with blood accomplices left the body, bottle, stone and went home to sleep. In the morning, awakened by the police, they say, do not remember what they did the night ...

The victims of unrestrained anger drunk and sober parents every year get two thousand children. However, the Ombudsman for Children Pavel Astakhov this fact worries much less than bullying Americans over the adopted children from Russia. He can tell you in detail about each of these stories, and questions about the situation of domestic replied that he did not know the exact statistics.

Growth in the Russian aggression, according to psychologists Academy of Sciences, was the cause of increase in the number of tragedies on the roads. By the number of victims of road accidents per 100 thousand inhabitants of Russia also ranks first in Eurasia. Each year accidents claim the lives of 30 thousand people. About the condition of the Russians sit behind the wheel, according to the unfolding every day wild scene.

When the FSB brought out a snowplow driver itself, which in the narrow streets of Moscow touched his car, he took out a gun and shot the offender. MGIMO, prestigious university, where learning to future diplomats, crossing the street on a green light, forced to slow down another student, who raced at a sports car. Furious, the driver jumped out and hammered a pedestrian to death with his fists.

One Polish correspondent in Moscow, which is also crossing the road to green, miraculously managed to dodge the car. When he shouted, "What are you, crazy?", Out jumped two strong guys. As a result, the journalist escaped a pair of broken bones in the face.

Civil society organizations need to amend the legislation to aggressive motorists could be punished and sent to forced psychiatric treatment. Duma deputies, who one after another taking various repressive laws in this business do not want to. It is not surprising, because they love to drive fast. Not a single week passes without reports of regular high-level government officials who are injured or killed in an accident.

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences show that life in Russia is becoming increasingly fierce, it fills the violence and rudeness. 150 experts were asked to evaluate on a scale level of negative phenomena in the behavior of the Russians in 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011. The result was horrifying. 32 years ago the level of phenomena such as aggression, hostility to the environment, rude, propensity for violence was estimated to be 3-3, 5 points. In 2011 he was, according to experts, has risen to 7-7, 4 points, and at the same time the ability of the Russians to control their responses decreased from 5, 45 to 4, 4 points.

In the official propaganda has reason to be proud to call the board of Vladimir Putin "era of stability" and wealth. It might seem that since 2000, when the new president was replaced by Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin, the Russians were able to subdue the negative emotions. In fact, the opposite happened.

"I love September, when the students return to the university after the holidays spent in Europe. All are friendly, smile at each other. But, unfortunately, it passes quickly, and around again appear evil sad face. We understand that if the people in Moscow smile saleswoman, she considers him an idiot. If you hear a couple of times in response to its "hello", "what?" Or "say that it is necessary", you will realize that there is not Europe ", - tells me a student of the Moscow State University Faith Kichalova.

"The growth of aggression in society, in principle, contribute to everything that surrounds the Russians. Turn on the TV, and there at our borders alone enemies. President before the election quoted Lermontov's poem, calling, "We will die as near Moscow, as our brothers died," if people go to war, but not to vote. The typical character of the film - is a person who achieves its noble or ignoble goals through deception, fists or a gun. People are pushing other passengers in the crush in the metro and can shout at those who are weaker, not seeing anything wrong. But in circulation in your e smile from a stranger they see something strange and suspicious, "- explains Andrey Yurevich me of RAS.

But what is most upsetting of his countrymen - a growing stratification of society. "The official said that the income of the poorest 10% of citizens in 17 different times of the income of the richest. This is a lot, because threatening to public safety is considered to be a seven-time break. But in Moscow, as shown by our social scientists, this figure reaches 50. This causes a feeling of frustration, and at the same time Russia is widely believed that only the rich can be a criminal, and not the one who works hard ", - adds the psychologist.

To soften the manners, practically speaking, no one. When in the Kazan police department died people on a teleconference with the police from across the country invited to the patriarch. He did not recall that those arrested - it is their neighbors, and they should be treated like human beings. Spiritual leader, on the contrary, justified the geeks of their hard work, which they have to deal with the representatives of the most disgusting demoralized population. Writes shtromlanin (sherryman) Learn



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