Forecast Arthur C. Clarke

As he himself says - "Personally, I have always resisted any attempts to stick to me the label" prophet. " I would prefer another term - extrapolator. All I was trying to do - is to imagine a fan of possible futures. But any thing remarkable foresight could turn into absurdity due to some unforeseen event or invention. Remember, reading predictions hazardous to your health! I'm almost sure of dates and terms. Events and technical achievements are planned today, and unless there is nothing extraordinary, it will happen and then, as I predict. Intuition does not fail me, although many predictions about a hundred times, I would prefer to make a mistake! ".

Arthur for 90 years and during his life he was read by a plurality of projections. For example it was exactly guessed: the emergence of radar to search for missiles and aircraft, the emergence of communications satellites in geostationary orbit, the moon landing and the people, the use of nuclear energy, antibiotics and computers, creating the World Wide Web, the development of artificial intelligence.

Forecast Arthur C. Clarke:

2009 - one of the countries of the third world to explode an atomic bomb, after which the UN will decide on the destruction of nuclear weapons.

2010 - Development of the total e-tracking system.

2012 - will be carried out regular flights cosmic planes.

2014 - orbiting space hotel will open

2015 - The advent of nanotechnology, complete control over the atomic structure of matter, obtaining gold from other metals, the triumph of alchemy

2016 - introduction of a single global currency - kilowatt-hour

2020 - the artificial intelligence will reach a human. Natural and artificial intelligence will exist mutually complementing each other.

2021 - landing humans on Mars

2023 - cloning based animal artificially reproduced DNA structure on the computer. For example the revival of dinosaurs and other extinct animals

2025 - discovery of the mechanisms of functioning of the senses. Replacement of the nose, eyes, skin, more effective artificial organs

2036 - China surpasses the US gross domestic product.

2040 - Play molecular duplicates of any objects and substances. From the mire of the streets can make food, clothing, diamonds. Industry and agriculture are meaningless. Man goes into the arts, education and entertainment.

2045 - the creation of housing for closed circuit with full self-sufficiency and processing wastes.

2050 - mass freezing of people who rush in cryonic sleep in the future.

2051 - establishment of settlements on the moon.

2090 - the onset of a new ice age, people will begin to intensively burn fuel to create the greenhouse effect.

2095 - creation of devices at speeds close to light.


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