A new sport - Chessboxing (4 photos)

The first fight for the world title at lightweight Chessboxing (Ger. - Schachboxen), which is a combination of chess and boxing, was held on November 2 in Berlin. In the ring met German Shtoldt Frank (Frank Stoldt) and US athlete David Depto (David Depto) nicknamed Double D.

According to sportbox.ru, one of the rules for participation in the new sport is to have the experience of not less than 10 boxing matches and chess ELO rating about 2000. Defeat is possible both with the aid of force, and with the assistance of the logic of the mind - enough to checkmate in chess round or knock out the opponent in boxing.

The bout lasted for 11 rounds, 6 of them - chess for 6 minutes, and the remaining 5 - boxing for 2 minutes. The victory was awarded to the German "chessboxers" in the chess rounds.

The new sport was invented in Germany, where even the International Federation was created chessboxing (WCBO).

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