Who is Santa Claus?

So Santa Claus - Fact or Fiction? This he has a beard or is it just a piece of cotton wool, stolen from the pharmacy? Frisky deer or bear his harness this horse costume with horns made of plastic? Is magic staff Santa Claus or is it just a piece of the pole for high jumps? Opinions are many, but only one right - Santa Claus there!

The history of this holiday as New Year and many facts prove that Santa Claus really exists. The year of his birth is unknown to anyone, since it was a long time ago, according to its age is estimated than one hundred years. The fact that there have relatives that grandpa is not proven, but not refuted, there is only information about his granddaughter - Snow Maiden, but about it later. Permanent place of residence is the residence of Santa Claus in Great Ustyug - a small village in the Vologda region, but the grandfather is often on the road and catch him on the spot is very difficult. Santa Claus runs only one week of the year (age still solid), all the rest of the rest of the works of the righteous in the popular resorts of the world and preparing for the next New Year - Master gifts, trains deer sled and repairs.


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