Quarrels married prolong life

American scientists have found that family quarrels prolong life. After all, holding anger, people can get a lot of health problems.

According to the researchers from the American School of Public Health and the Department of Psychology, University of Michigan, partners should not hide their irritation, if they want to avoid premature death.

The study, published in the journal Journal of Family Communication, shows that if one or both partners do not hide their feelings and resolve conflicts, they live longer.

The researchers observed 192 couples for 17 years and as a result have identified four categories: the first are those in which both partners do not hide their irritation, the second and third - those where one partner expresses while the other suppresses their displeasure, and the fourth - a family member, both of which do not respond to the attacks of the partner.

In the 26 families where both husband and wife hid his irritation, there were 13 deaths. In the remaining 166 families - 41 death. In a sample of couples suppress their feelings, one of the members died during the study in 27% of cases, both partners have died - 23%. This writes El Pais (full text on site InoPressa.ru).

In the remaining three groups of the study, the mortality rate was only 19%. As the scientists, when both spouses suppress their anger at the attacks or unfair criticism partner increases the probability of premature death twice in comparison with other types of families.


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