Five effective ways to combat fatigue

As much as we had hoped, vitamins, nutritional supplements and other remedies can not provide us with the necessary energy. But this does not mean that there are no other sources! You just need to know where to look.

Firstly, do not believe advertising, no matter how compelling it may be. Remember that all of these slender, energetic and cheerful people, happily advise you as soon as possible to acquire the means X, have become so not because they themselves have taken it. They are convincing because it is paid for. In addition, it is their profession, they have mastered a few years. And advertised means, most likely, completely ineffective.

Second, the main cause of loss of strength and apathy - chronic stress. It should only learn to reduce stress - and you will notice that fatigue was less, and energy - more. For example, learn some breathing exercises or try yoga.

By the way, these five faithful funds will also help to overcome the blues and cope with fatigue:

1. Properly enough sleep: at first glance, banal and obvious, but the fact of the matter. Most of us suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia. To restore the body takes eight hours of good sleep, but only you can decide if there is enough to you this time or not. To avoid overstimulation and insomnia, do not drink caffeine-containing and alcoholic drinks in the afternoon.

2. Drink plenty of fluids: the consumption of large amounts of fluid is important not only for the skin and the digestive system, but also for overall health. Try to increase the daily intake of fluids - believe me, it will improve not only your health, but also the mood!

3. Take a multivitamin: a balanced diet does not guarantee that your body gets all the necessary substances for life. In order not to forget to take a daily multivitamin complex, put the bottle or box of vitamins near hygiene items such as toothpaste, or any other items that you're sure to use throughout the day!

4. Exercise: although many blame their fatigue is sport, in fact, things are completely different fitness charging us with energy, unless, of course, take it easy and do not exhaust yourself hours of training. Sports stimulates the heart, improves the flow of oxygen to the working muscles and increase tidal volume light.

5. Do not skip breakfast: we often tend to neglect breakfast, but try for a month, never skip breakfast and then do it - we assure you will feel a huge difference. At night, the body is resting, so in the morning, he needs the support of the charge and nutritious energy. Leaving the house without having had breakfast, - all the same, trying to start the car without gasoline - bad job. Try to refrain from having breakfast coffee and fast food - choose something light and nutritious, such as porridge or scrambled eggs.

Although sometimes nice to dream about the miraculous drink that inspires and makes a weightless (as in the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"), nothing like that in nature, unfortunately, does not exist. Actual energy drinks hardly give the desired effect. Even from Red Bull wings you will not grow.

And the next time you feel tired and disgusted with life, do not run to the store for a cake or order pizza. Better to just run - put in energetic music player, grab a bottle of mineral water - and run from exhaustion!

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