In Russia, you may receive a Valentine's Day

In Russia may appear Christian holiday, designed to be a response to the Catholic St. Valentine's Day. The new holiday would be called the "Day of conjugal love and family happiness," the agency "Russian news service».
Presumably Valentine's day will be scheduled July 8 - the day of commemoration of Orthodox saints Peter and Fevronia, Murom the right to land in the XIII century. The couple were a model of faithfulness and love in old age took monastic vows and died in one hour. The relics of the spouses rest in Murom church of Holy Trinity Monastery.

On the eve of Epiphany, on January 18 it signed a communique on the establishment of the All-Russian Day of conjugal love and family happiness. The signatures under the appeal to put the head of the Russian Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin, honorary citizen of the city and head of the board of trustees of Murom men's Transfiguration Monastery, the auditor of the Accounting Chamber Sergey Riabukhin, members of the Federation Council, the Mayor of Murom Valentin Kachevan and rector of Holy Transfiguration Monastery abbot Cyril. < br /> The idea of ​​establishing the holiday occurred two years ago. Then, on the initiative of the city of the Duma was sent an appeal to the 15 thousand. Signatures. Communique was another step to translate ideas into action. Sergei Stepashin promised to appeal to the president. At the signing ceremony, Stepashin said that the emergence of a new festival is especially important as 2008 was declared the Year of Family in Russia. In the same year marks the 800th anniversary of the memory of Saints Peter and Fevronia. This holiday is celebrated annually in Murom July 8. It has already become an informal local Valentine's Day: to venerate the relics of the saints comes a huge number of pilgrims, many of whom are childless couples.

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