Soldiers zombie in the service of the Third Reich

And so, if Hitler's project titled "Nibelung" was a success. More recently, in the highlands of Italy, glaciers were found well-preserved corpses of German soldiers. But experts studying the classified material SS concluded that Reich scientists working on the revival of the dead soldiers.
The bodies were treated with a special compound, which included embalming solution, hydrocyanic acid, adrenaline and a dozen chemicals. The brains of the future immortal soldier placed in a tray located inside the skull, have built a computer chip, the electric wire from which the cost of all the joints of zombies. Naturally, this was not a living soldier, able to take decisions. But on the other hand, who needs a warrior who will think his own head? On that is the commander!

By the way, to lead an army of zombies Commander can use the remote at a distance of 5 kilometers. And kill a dead man was extremely difficult: it had to get into a tiny sensor in the head of a fighter.

In the annals of history remained Heinrich Himmler speech, delivered during his secret visit to the base in 1944: "If you set the army, say, 20 million dead, we do not even need to give her a weapon - enough only sharpened knives, so she dared everything in its path ยป.

From killer robots humanity saved the high cost of "pleasure" as the resurrection of a dead man managed in 500 thousand dollars. Taking into account inflation, the sum for those times fabulous! However, by the spring of 1945, it shows Erich Vindelmann, German scientists have created about 50 zombies! To such conclusion the group of experts surveyed the glacier. Among others, buried in ice, were found and 50 men with sensors in the head and marked "Nibelung" in her arms.
The fate of the secret base of the Third Reich mysterious. There is an assumption that in April 1945, the joint efforts of US intelligence SMERSH and it was blown up. This theory is based on a very unreliable facts: during the excavations on the site of the proposed base was found rotten sleeve overcoat from the US and drive the machine from the PCA.

Many of the materials during the Second World still waiting for their turn to decipher and research. And, perhaps, in the near future to tell the story would not seem so implausible ...


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