The photograph shows the animal, was awarded the title "Honorary cat" on the cat show in Westchester, USA in 1998.

Incident that "honorable cat" - a dog ....
Dog named Ginny.
A brief history of the life of Ginny is:
Work Philip Gonzalez in one ill-fated day been injured at work, became disabled, depressed and on the advice of friends decided to get a dog companion.
Ginny at the shelter first came to the man through the bars and began to lick his hand. Philip did not like the strange shaggy dog, but friends persuaded him to bring her out of the cage and walk with her. After a short walk meekly Philip filled all the necessary documents.
And then he began merry life: Ginny from the first days of visiting the new house began to find the homeless, helpless, sick cats. In a vacant lot near the house of Philip stray cats out of their hiding places to play with Ginny.
The dog is injured cats that could not move, and drags them to the owner. Pulled out of a drainpipe. One day, cut the blood legs, she pulled out of the box with broken glass emaciated kitten.
And Philip had to feed and attach in good hands dozens of cats found Ginny. Some they left at home. Philip admitted that sometimes it was very hard, he fell into despair, but eventually realized that the salvation of helpless animals gave a new meaning to his life. And Ginny appeared just in time to give him a new chance to find yourself.
During his life, Ginny has helped more than 900 cats and cats. During the life of its owner has written two books about it (proceeds from the sale of which outright ate cats) and a fund for homeless animals, which operates to this day.


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