Love made a list of serious diseases

Heavy experience, such as a break with your loved one, death of a close, can literally break your heart, repeatedly raising the risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made love in the Register under the number of serious diseases F63.9.

But at the same time, the lovers have a much better health - a state of love promotes the release of substances in the blood, enhance immunity, stimulate blood circulation, improve emotional state, even causing euphoria.

Not accidentally in love much less colds and flu often even avoid them.

However, with unrequited love, rejected man falls into a state that can bring not only psychological but also physical suffering. This is the "Lovesick", which is characterized by manifestations of manic-depressive psychosis, when elation and increased self-esteem when certain conditions are replaced by insomnia, depression, tearfulness.

"Sick" comprehends deep disappointment. Gradually, it builds up and eventually cause even suicidal thoughts. Unrequited love in extreme cases may even end in a fatal outcome.



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