Callanetics - a popular gym complex

The popular gym complex, which appeared in America, named for the author - Pinkneya Callan. It is enough to deal with Callanetics to 15 minutes a day, the result became noticeable after a half - two months. One hour Callanetics gives the body as much as 7:00 classic gymnastics or 24 hours of aerobics - says P.Kallan.

Complex avoid sudden movements, high rate, excessive stress, using mainly bends, stretching, deflections, and polushpagaty swing, making callanetics accessible to all.

Here are some exercises:

1. Sit on a chair with armrests. Relying on them, lifted. Back straight, chin lift higher. Exercise relieves stress buttocks.

2. Straighten, feet shoulder width 35cm. Raise your hands up and keep up high. Pull the belly and feel that "is much higher." Bend your knees and stretch your arms forward, if you want something to get it. Bend over forward and hang in a moment in this position. Translate arms back and forward at the same time pull your chin and neck. Again - hands forward and then backward. Repeat 5 times.

3. Strengthening of the shoulder girdle. Straighten and raise your arms to the sides to shoulder level, palm - up. The stronger povernёsh palm, the more you will feel the muscles work. Without efforts Bring hands back as if to connect the blade. Gently move the shoulders. Touch your fingers behind your back, without bending elbows. Do it 100 times. Exercise vypremlyaet shoulders, lifts bust and removes the tension between the shoulder blades.

4. Exercise for the waist. Legs slightly apart. The right arm extended upward, the left - on the outside of the left leg (not hip). Strongly pull the right half of the body and arm up. Buttocks selected, the pelvis - forward. Hold for a moment in this position, then the maximum slope of the left shoulder to the left side. The back is strained. Perform 100 times. Do not balance the hips and pulling the right half of the body. Exercise reduces the waist and helps to get rid of the full hips.

5. Lie down on your back, legs slightly bent, hands forward. Lift your head forward, tear off your shoulders off the floor, while the part of the spine below the shoulder blades tight to the floor. In this position, move the upper body back to 10-15 cm. Repeat 6-10 times.

6. Starting position is the same. The lower back and buttocks fit snugly to the floor. Slightly lift, vertical lift right leg up and hold in this position 10-20 seconds. The same is done with the other leg. Repeat 10-20 times.

7. Starting position is the same. Lifting the leg straight up, try to get up in the direction of his feet and kept in this position 10-20 seconds. Repeat 10-20 times.

8. Sit down on the floor, his legs are closed and stretched in front of him. Torso TILT far forward, his hands on his feet. Repeat 50 times. If you get one head knees - you have achieved a lot.

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