The pleasant with the useful. Hula Washer: how to combine sports and work at home


Sometimes in the house accumulates a certain number of unwashed small things like the machine to run do not want, and their hands to wash there is no desire. But in such cases, and may need gymnastic Hula Hoop Washer, which will help to combine exercise and housework.

Modern designers have come up with a huge number of gadgets and devices, allowing to combine exercise with any other actions. As examples of Cutlery-Eat Fit dumbbell or a fitness Bana Bender shower. Something similar is created and designer Sang-soon Lee, decided to part with the idea of Hula Washer in the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab.


Hula Washer is a hula Hoop, exercise Hoop, which many girls use to lose weight without leaving home. An hour or two of spinning this subject at the waist of the day and about gaining weight not to worry.

But the designer Sang-soon Lee offers gymnastics to turn this round in the washing machine! After all, what's the point just twist the hula Hoop, if you can do it with benefits not only for health but also for the household!


Hula Washer concept implies the presence of a hollow core in the hula hoops, where you can upload a certain number of small clothing items (socks, handkerchiefs, scarves, etc.), pour water and add washing powder. After all, for a while, until the girl will twist the Hoop around their waist, all of these items can wash.

While that is an unusual washer Washer Hula only exists in concept form. But it may find its material form in the modern world where people are obsessed with appearance and energy savings. Moreover, there are no nanotechnology in its creation do not have to use all the design is very simple and easily realizable.

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