Ten things you did not know about yourself

Dozens of different facts about the man and his body, that you hardly know.
For example, a sign of the brain that affects memory, which is why the bones are crumbling ...

1. Your stomach contains corrosive acid

In your stomach contained a dangerous liquid, which is not defined in the airports. This salt (hydrochloric) acid - a corrosive mixture used in the industry for the processing of metals.

In fact, it can corrode the metal, but the mucous membrane in your stomach allows you to safely store the liquid in the digestive system, corroding your lunch.

2. Body position affects your memory

Can not remember our anniversary, hubby? Stand on one knee. Memories are closely related to our feelings. The smell or a sound can cause distant episode from our childhood.

Communication both obvious (a bicycle bell makes you remember the old route from the school), and mysterious. Recent studies have helped to partially understand in this regard.

The article of the «Cognition» In January of this year, states that a person is easier to remember something, if he accepts the position it was in at the time of this episode in the past.

3. The bone destruction occurs due to the balance of minerals in the body

In addition, the bones together support all human organs and muscles, they help to regulate the level of calcium in the body. Bones contain phosphorus and calcium are desired muscles and the nervous system.

If this element is not sufficient, some hormones induce bone loss in order to restore the desired level of calcium in the body. This occurs as long as the necessary concentration is restored.

4. Most of the products are food for thought

Although your brain takes only 2% of total body weight, it potreblinet to 20% oxygen and calories organism. In order to provide the necessary amount of resources of the brain, the three major cerebral artery continually pump oxygen into it.

Lock or violation of one of the arteries is a lack of energy for the brain, causing a slowdown of the functions of the brain, which has ceased to receive the necessary amount of oxygen.

5. In the ovary are thousands of eggs

When a woman reaches 40 or 50, it reduces the intensity of the development of female germ cells. Her ovaries to produce less and less estrogen, whereby there is a physical and emotional changes throughout the body.

Her underdeveloped egg follicles no longer produce as regularly as before. At an average of a young girl to 34,000 immature oocytes, and only about 350 of them mature (approximately one per month).

Unused egg fall. Since pregnancy in the near future is not expected, the brain stops releasing the egg.

6. Puberty significantly restructure the brain

We all know that the hormonal changes necessary for the growth of the body and prepare the body for reproduction. But why puberty is so emotionally unpleasant?

In fact, hormones such as testosterone, affect development of neurons in the brain, and has changes in brain structure, cause a plurality of changes in human behavior. You can expect the emergence of emotional inconsistencies, apathy and inability teenager making the right decisions.

7. The cilia help in the movement of mucus

In some cells of our body have hair-like organelles, called cilia, which help the body to perform various functions, from digestion and ending with hearing.

In the nose, cilia help to get the nasal mucus in the throat. In cold weather slows down runoff that can cause you the appearance of a cold. Swollen nasal membranes are a sign of total nasopharynx.

8. If a person's big brain, then it is usually a narrow mouth

Evolution is not perfect. If this were true, we have instead of wisdom teeth would be the wings. Sometimes useless properties inherent person simply because they are it does not cause any harm.

However, not all wisdom teeth were grinding cereals mechanisms and objects of treatment dentists. Once upon a time it was the molars, which served to grind meat. But from the time that our brain has grown, there have been changes in the structure of the jawbone, with the result that we had had 32 teeth.
But remember that the volume of the brain does not always speak about its effective work;).

9. The world laughs with you

Just look at the yawning man you instinctively want to do the same. Newly discovered evidence suggests that laughter is also a hint of social mimicry, ie, imitation.

Hearing someone laugh, you have stimulated brain regions associated with facial expression. Mimicry plays an important role in social interaction. Sneezing, laughing, crying and yawning - all methods of forming strong social ties in a group of people.

10. Does your skin four colors

No painting the whole skin is creamy white. Blood vessels just under the skin Adds red. A yellow pigment also adds its color. Finally, melanotic pigment formed by the ultraviolet rays, causes black skin if it much. All four of these shades in the different proportions of color constitute the world's population.


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