The Americans made a robot for pensioners

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) have created a robot to care for the elderly, according to TechRadar. Robot uBOT-5 may determine that a man fell and did not move, check breathing and pulse, as well as call the emergency services.

Moves uBOT-5 in the two-wheeled platform. It is equipped with a touch screen, camera, microphone and two manipulators. The latter allow the robot to lift small objects.

With uBOT-5 elderly people can get online consultation of your doctor and talk with their grandchildren without leaving home. Also, the robot will remind its owner that it is time to take the medication.

Produced in a university laboratory uBOT-5 costs about 65 thousand dollars. The creators of the device believe that in case of mass production the cost of the robot nurse drops to a few thousand dollars.


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