The ex-wife of Paul McCartney was the elite prostitute

The ex-wife of Paul McCartney was the elite prostitute
British media published shocking evidence
Heather Mills involvement in prostitution.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, the secrets of long-past youth share "colleague" of the work, or rather, in the brothel Miss Denise Hewitt. Work with Mills alongside Denise says that to work in a brothel Eighties she received about 10 thousand. Pounds:

 - We Mills were prostitutes-class, and none of our friends had no idea about our "profession".

Among the clients and Heather was a billionaire, "Lord of War" Adnan Khashoggi, the Australian tycoon Kerry Packer, one of the Saudi princes and many other large "bumps".

In 2006, Adnan Khashoggi, without going into details, indirectly confirmed that Heather Mills was indeed a prostitute. According to him, once he used its services, invited to a party in the late 1980s. Khashoggi said then that money (about 9 thousand. Pounds) he paid personally Mills. But add some more detailed parts billionaire refused

 - We gave expensive gifts: jewelry, rings, watches, machinery. The world was at our feet. And we enjoyed the moment - nostalgic Denise. - Nobody knew what we are actually doing. And we had hoped that the truth will never emerge.

In recognition of Miss Hewitt, Mills was a real dokoy on the part of men's hearts, it is manipulated, as the real commands the tamer of wild animals:

 - Heather knows how to behave with men, she simply extraordinary abilities. And they vlyublinlis it bursts, sometimes I have the impression that she had bewitched them some potion.

Heather Jacobs has repeatedly boasted that he could zahomutat "Beatles" McCartney and force to marry her.

 - She and spoke: "I will set him an ultimatum and if he does not marry me within 8-10 months, then I'll throw it," - says Hewitt.

 - More than once Heather McCartney laughed: they say, has to marry an old man, whose breasts larger than her own.

Recall that Mills charges of involvement in prostitution was first performed in June 2006, a month after breaking up with McCartney in the program «News of the world». Mills herself all the talk about violent youth flatly denies. However, the court in the media that spread this information, never filed.


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