China fought on cats

I do not know, maybe it's all - just a rumor, but the information I met a few sources ...

The Chinese have decided to clear the Beijing Olympic Games from the cats. Moreover, not only homeless, but also from home. Owners of domestic cats need to pay 200 yuan (about 14 Eng. Pounds) if they want to leave the cat. Most, naturally, do not want to pay, so throw pets out. Special Chinese are walking the streets, catch cats and taken to the so-called death camp: protected areas outside the city, where the hungry cats kept in tiny cages. Animals get sick quickly, if at least one cat in a room is sick, refuse to eat and drink, and die slowly and in agony. Chinese zoozaschitniki trying to take some action, but the government cuts them all the way: to lull cats so that they at least do not suffer, they do not want (of course, it's necessary money to allocate) wishing to take the cats out of the death camps, the door to a closed Even zoozaschitnikov there just are not allowed, even though they are willing to take the animals to themselves and to pay the tax.

This is done all under the pretext that cats allegedly transferred some infernal disease. Beijing residents throw them out of the house because they are afraid of contracting. Meanwhile, a retired doctor took to himself as much as 250 cats of all pay taxes and feed - from their pension and donations zoozaschitnikov. The woman has much older, he says that does not let the cats out into the street because he was afraid of them, and with all of this is absolutely healthy - no terrible disease it is their podobrashek not picked up.


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