Things I'd like to know when I was younger

Many people learn over time, but it often happens that it is too late to learn - or rather useless. And, of course, much of what I know now, it would be useful to me in my life before, and could be saved from many mistakes and resentment that I have experienced in many years - most of which I have caused to others.

I do not believe in the romantic nonsense that every time I mess my life became richer and more interesting, and the fact that all these errors were "given" to me for training. I made them myself - through ignorance, out of fear and foolish desires everyone to be like me, and if they were not, my life and the work would be easier and more enjoyable (and certainly more successful). So, here I will tell you about the things that I really would like to know if - for a long time. I hope they at least someone will help you avoid the mistakes that I made.

Much of it does not matter. So many things that excite me, worried, or took away my time and energy was totally unimportant. There are only a few things, really make life happy. Sorry, I did not concentrate on them before, ignoring everything else.

The most reliable source of misery and hatred - clinging to past grievances. Look at all these militant groups and terrorists constantly reminiscing some long-standing event, or justifying the killing of claims to a piece of land seems to be due to them for whatever historical rights, or avenging the bad deeds of a century ago.

If you wait exactly sure before you do anything, you'll wait forever. The advantage on the side of those who are not afraid to appear foolish. The best way to study and development there. And it is fun, dammit!

Following on from the latest fashion in the work and life - spiritual and intellectual suicide. So you'll always cheap imitation of the ideal. So, choose. Not religion, fashion - opium of the people.

If people complain that you are constantly striving to do everything on their own, and do not fit into the rules, then you are on the right track. Who draws the life of a herd animal? The powers that be do not want you to stand out, making just what you need. They want you to do not create problems, and execute their orders. At the same time to be yourself, and humbly obey not work.

If you turn in your work life, your whole life becomes hard work. Like many young people, I was baffled people like artists and musicians whose life filled "their life's work." But it is not in use, and in themselves. If we are not talking about the extraordinary passion that allows you to earn more, do not forget that the work - this is only a means to an end: to the enjoyment of life. Take it means as much time as necessary for reliable approach to the target. Only idiots live and then to work.

The fastest and easiest way to destroy a relationship - it is to listen to gossip. Even worse - they distribute. People involved in this - the carriers of the plague of our days. By comparison, cockroaches - a cute, cuddly creatures.

Trying to please everyone - an empty exercise. Sooner or later everyone something goes wrong. Most people with whom you are dealing will deny Figl, underestimate or ignore what you say or do. Also, never exactly guess what other people want, so a good portion of your efforts will be in vain. Upokoytes. Those who loves you, will love you no matter what, and that their views should be listened to. Others are not worth five minutes of anxiety.

All winners over time lose. It's great - to climb the winner's podium. Just do not think that you'll be there forever. Worst of all, when they begin to make every effort to stay there.

Appease, appease, change or soothe the goat is very difficult (if not impossible). The best thing with these do not occur. Kozlinstvo - contagious disease. The more time you spend among them, the greater the opportunity to catch infection and become a goat yourself.

Everything happens twice more than planned, and brings a doubly fewer results than hoped. And do not because of this upset. So be it - life goes on.

People are remarkably constant. Liars usually lie. Rogues cheat at every opportunity. People who trust you, as a rule, tried at first to trust others, but did not get the desired impact. A faithful friend is still true, no matter how many thoughtless abuse and insults.

No matter how you try, you can not stop being yourself. Who else could be you? You can play and pretend, but even then you will still be playing, and implement them. And if you do not accept yourself, and do not try to do the best with what you have, that is why you have to take the other?

When it comes to sheer lies, no more blatant than the digits of your budget. The time spent suffering because of them - lost time. Even if your numbers (miracle of miracles!) Accurately and truthfully, no one else will make a fool of myself so.

The loudest noise in the world - is a nagging people. And it had nothing to add.

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