New species

Pingpongvin - elusive jumping penguin hunting is impossible.
Zhravl - large bird with long legs and beak picks out through the thatched roof of the house owners.
Epileptitsa - epileptic little bird lying anywhere.
Toptaha - heavy Trumbo bird-grader.
Pink vlomingo - Bird Karate, horror night marshes.
Perdyatel - only reactive in nature bird.
Rydyatel - dreary lamenting bird settles near the orphanages and cemeteries.
Tёtel - female woodpecker.

Zlon - predatory species of elephant eats flat animals and humans.
Gippoktotam - small patrol behemoth.
Vonzaets, terzaets and zagryzaets - canids hares Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Frame vorchalka and Nenets volcharka - special-purpose dog.

And some creatures bred specifically for shooting horrible movies:
Hawaiian nekropetuh
Gonokokker Spaniel
Night-eyed vylupen


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