Do not kiss the forehead BELOVED

Among the gestures and body movements that we do unconsciously, are different. Some people are able to raise, while others can kill.

So, do not ever kiss the beloved forehead!

Such a kiss from ancient times was considered the "last kiss" and was associated with burial. This is no accident: the touch of his lips the area of ​​the "third eye" - a special magical operation (remember kissing ritual in ancient Russia, kissing three times when it was still a handwritten signature).

It is believed that all the openings in the human body - is for the energy output. One of the most significant hole is the mouth. Kissing someone else, the person focuses energy and, depending on where it hits, you can expect and the corresponding result.

Kiss the hand directs the energy in a circle of blood circulation from the bottom up, confirming a humiliating situation, worship.


Kiss on the cheek can be called a diagnostic. So you can easily find out about the person's intentions. If, after this kiss felt discomfort, anxiety, fear - safely say goodbye to a partner that caused this feeling.

Well, if you want to kiss more - okay, this man is a positive for you.


A kiss on the forehead is completely different from previous ones. He goes to hypersensitive to all kinds of influences. Touching his forehead generally undesirable to anyone else. With the exception of the mother touches the child's forehead.


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