Dictionary of the head

The head is different from the slave primarily vocabulary, so possession phrases listed below is a requirement of professional manager.

Bystranah - as close deadline of the task (usually on the verge of a real possibility).

Srochnanah - logical motivation approaching deadline. Upotreblinetsya with the aim of at least force a subordinate to meet the bystranah.

Gdeblin - a delicate reminder of the expiry of the time allowed for a decision on a particular issue. Upotreblinetsya usually at the end and just before bystranaha srochnanahom. If srochnanah primordial, gdeblin recommended immediately after the statement of the problem.
You Ibu - an explanation of the consequences of failure to subordinate tasks after a few gdebel. Correct, respectful treatment. The etymology of the word Ibu little studied (pref. Mifich. Animal), but the present-day. Russian. lang. virtually no combination of this word with the pronoun "you».

Nuvseblin - just a generic term. In the conventional sense - a statement of fact failed task in time. In addition, the term depending on your mood might mean: depremirovanie, reprimand, signing or not signing an important contract, the appearance of the inspector the Inspectorate, disruption of supplies, the end of the day, the termination of discussions during planning meetings and the announcement of the bankruptcy of the company with immediate dismissal of employees without severance pay.

Shozaher - an indication of the employee on the excessive complexity of the memo or overload her figures.

Net bablanah - etymology of the word clearly indicates the origin of the term among the top management of network marketing. It is the most appropriate and relevant response to "Daybablanah" in almost all cases. In exceptional cases, taking into account the special value and indispensability of the slave or the seriousness of the situation, and on Fridays, allowed the expansion to the phrase "Netbablanahzavtranah." See. Also "Ditynah».

Gdebabloblin !!! - When we are expecting soon admission to the account? Why delayed payments from customers?

Zavtranah - universal response to any request from the slave. Daily zavtranah reinforces the belief in the immutability of your subordinates, and the principles of the stability of the company.

Urrodyblin - Welcome begin planning meeting. Before use, it would be appropriate to look closely at the crowd.

Tibenipoh? - An indication of the irrelevance of his subordinates on the issue or excessive curiosity.

Nissyblin - "Dear chief accountant, the payment of $ 300,000 in the offshore agreed with shareholders».

Nibzdo - farewell to the manager before the difficult assignment. Recommended upotreblint persons of rank at Head of the Department.

Atynah tutsidish - 1) I'm busy right now and I can not take you, or 2) the optimal response department head, who came with a complaint to the subordinate or overload their work.

In addition, in exceptional cases, the use of certain elements of vocabulary from the dictionary subordinates. However, it should be borne in mind that the semantic load of the same words is quite different and often diametrically opposed to that of semantic load carried by the term at the use of slave:

Nublin - almost full satisfaction of the result of the slave (upotreblinetsya rare, it is better not upotreblint vapsche).

Ditynah - inability to provide subordinate vacation or prize. (Note: it is advisable to upotreblint in combination with Netbablanah).

Avothu - reluctance to provide subordinate vacation or prize.


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