The Pentagon has received the first combat robot

The company Foster-Miller delivered to the Ministry of Defense of the first robot fighting MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System), which can be equipped with systems of non-lethal and lethal effects. This was reported in a press release.

New remotely operated vehicles is based on a tracked chassis provides increased permeability of the terrain. The maximum speed of the robot is 12 kilometers per hour. To increase its speed characteristics caterpillars may be replaced by wheels.

The robot is equipped with a satellite navigation system, optical and infrared sensors, laser range finder, as well as communication and data exchange, which allows to use it at a distance of one kilometer from the operator.

On rotary tower MAARS can be mounted M240B machine gun caliber 7, 62 millimeter and the launcher 40 mm caliber for firing smoke, lighting, tear, or high-explosive grenades.

The modular design of the robot allows installation of other equipment. In particular, instead of combat systems on the unit can be mounted crane capacity of 45 kilograms for the clearance of mines and improvised explosive devices, as well as speakers and safe of laser emitters are designed to temporarily blind the enemy.

There are plans to continue testing the new robot in various environments as part of its preparation for the adoption.


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