Advertising war or Who steeper !?

Surely everyone knows about the "advertising war" between BMW, Audi and Subaru. But here recently it was set bold point ...
It all started with BMW. In the middle of the year it is placed in the press here is a provocative layout:

Translation of the text from the image:
"Congratulations to Audi, which has become the best car of 2006 in South Africa from the holder the status of" The best (in the world) Machine 2006 "

PR-schiki Audi does not have to wait long, and soon appeared in the press such advertising:

"Congratulations to the BMW, which was the best car in 2006 from six-time consecutive winner of the day-night rally Le Mans 2000-2006 biennium. & Quot;

So maybe everything would have ended, but then came the Subaru, which decided, apparently, to attract the attention of the public, in the wake of an advertising war.
Its layout:

Translation (adapted):
"We are excited for BMW and Audi, who have won the car" beauty contests ". From the producer of the world's best engines according to 2006 »

After that you would expect adherence to the "action" and other manufacturers, the benefit of rank and regalia in the car business completely.
But all that's ahead of the advertisement, after which continue something that was already pointless ...


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