Varieties facade signboards

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The most noticeable and important part of advertising and information design companies and businesses are signboards. They are not only able to attract the attention of visitors, but also form a specific image of the company. Given the specificity of the placement of such structures, it is always imposed special requirements. Street design and facade signs are always under the influence of various environmental factors, rain, sun, wind, etc. in addition, there are cases of vandalism that you might encounter on our streets. All of these factors can permanently affect the appearance of the signs and its General technical condition. Therefore, the manufacture front signage and outdoor structures, it is necessary to pay special attention to the materials from which such a sign is to be produced.

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Conventionally, facade signs may be divided into the two largest groups – illuminated and non-illuminated designs. Illuminated signs – a design with internal or external illumination. Facade signage with internal illumination, as a rule, are light boxes that are covered with light diffusing film. For lighting can be used fluorescent lamps, LEDs or neon. Very effective and advantageous to look signboards in the form of voluminous letters, which are equipped with contraray or internal illumination. They give exclusivity to any sign and look great both on the roof and on the facade of the building.

Signs non-illuminated group does not have a backlight and are more often than simply a label or image on the substrate. The image can be printed as vinyl film and printed on a substrate. To the group of non-illuminated signs can be attributed to the simple interior signs.

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