Advertising sign making

An advertising sign is a flat or three-dimensional product placed on the facade, inside a building or near an entrance. It displays information about the company: name, working hours, logo, specialization, occupation, etc. A properly made sign that complies with all marketing rules effectively fulfills its functions, as well as a number of additional tasks.

Designs and applications
Depending on the manufacturing method, signs are classified:
  • light box. Mainly located on facades. Has a built-in diode, neon or fluorescent backlight, thanks to which it looks great both day and night and effectively attracts the attention of passers-by;
  • flat advertising sign is the choice of large companies. Products are placed in offices and large stores. Made of durable plastic or metal, accompanied by external lighting;
  • the neon sign carries a bright, very colorful image. It is additionally illuminated with neon lamps. Ideal for creating a catchy visualization of a service or product;
  • volumetric letters with backlight. Used in the names of stores, boutiques, shopping centers. They are located on the facades, drawing attention to themselves in a quality manner. Volumetric letters perform their work with high quality also indoors. They designate specific points or areas of sale.
Anyone who wants to improve the image of their own business and make themselves known to the broad masses should order a high-quality production of a sign at The price of the product directly depends on the technologies and materials used during production. The most expensive are three-dimensional letters. Backlighting increases the cost of the product, it also makes it more effective and eye-catching. The most budgetary option for signs are signs.
Key benefits of signage
A sign is the most effective promotion tool that meets the following needs of a business owner:
  • informs the passing stream of people about the location of the company, its products and services;
  • favorably distinguishes the company from competitors;
  • builds customer loyalty through thoughtful design.
A sign is an image that can change. Under cover of night, it can look completely different, especially if it has special lighting. Even a simple picture can be the most effective ad.


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