The rise of the cable system "Olympic"

The rise of cable system that will hold a canopy over the stadium - a lengthy process and responsible. Even longer and not less important process of preparation for this event. It depends on how well and reliably be mounted cable system. Preparations for the recovery began in July and will be completed shortly. So it's time to start to get acquainted with the fact that will hang directly over the heads of the fans.

First, let's look at what is in the cable system of the complex.

 - Lower radial guys;
 - Upper radial guys;
 - Inner ring stretched;
 - Suspension cables (vertical guys);
 - Cantilever bracing domed canopy, pendant lighting, facade structures, etc.

Some characteristics of the cable system:

The total weight of all the cables - 765 tons
The total length of cables - 40 km
The number of different cables - more than 3 thousand. (Including ropes for hanging lamps and front designs)
More than 1 thousand. Clamps for fastening cables between a + any shkilki, bolts, caps and so on. Trifle.

All the major cable system (radial guys, suspension cables and the inner ring) can be decomposed and going "on the ground", and then use the 160 hydraulic jacks rises, stretched and secured on the columns. Lifting is done simultaneously in all axes with a constant level control tension and strain in the cabling system.

To little to imagine the amount of work to be performed before the rise of the guys, here's a partial list of the necessary actions:

 - Hang temporary bridges on the upper and lower ring for service jacks;
 - Hang time for fixing jacks;
 - Set boxes, which will be spread out guys;
 - Expand the 160 radial guys without allowing twists;
 - Fasten the rigging adapters jacks;
 - As closely as possible to arrange for rigging clamps (a total of 1280), which will be attached to the suspension cables, lighting equipment, etc .;
 - Expand the inner ring of the cable-stayed 20 some guys;
 - Installed on the inner ring connectors and attach them radial guys;
 - Put the jack;
 - Jacks and fasten guy;
 - Fix 480 suspension cables.

As you can see, a lot of action, although at first glance, well, what's that lift, huh? In today's photoset will all but the last four actions.

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