Russian exactly to win Euro 2008

Additional rules that need to be put in world football to the Russian national team was finally able to play on equal terms to all!

1. The Russian national team players are allowed to wear any shape, including a captured (removed from the opponent), taking the language.

2. All the gold jewelry (chains, rings, teeth, rings, tie clips, tiaras, pendants, brooches) before the match must be removed and delivered to the judge. All this goes on his glasses, or the operation in case of wrong refereeing.

3. All matches involving the Russian team should be appointed only Russian team of judges who are familiar with concepts such as "uterus", "angle", "gone", not "shields", "and Nitsche was not" and "APSA".
Sight at the side of judges should not be higher than minus 2, 5 - 3 diopters.

4. The drawing of the ball in midfield made country-style. The ball is allowed to master after he had thrown up, hits the ground three times. For the Russian team - twice.

5. If the field is dirty, the Russian national team players are allowed to run with the ball in their hands or under the shirt, obegaya puddles.

6. If the Russian player shouted, "I'm in the house!", The ball had to select prohibited because he was "in the house».

7. A judge should not whistle in his ear sharply deliberating Russian football, enthusiastic attack or tackles.

8. To the game was not too fast, running speed of players on the field should be limited to so-called "bed-arbiters" - hills, artificial (in foreign fields) or natural origin (in our fields).

9. Deception (dishonest) movement is prohibited. The player must run to where indicated.

10. the penalty area of ​​the Russian team is a sovereign territory of the Russian Federation with all the consequences, including the use of force against the infringer using boots.

11. The coach of the Russian team can communicate with the players through a megaphone or announcement announcer in the stadium.

12. The disputed situation is always decided in favor of those who shout loudest and human!

13. At any time, the Russian coach has the right to take the field and show how to play, and how - to judge.

14. During a dispute with the judge, entering the field doctor or masseur Russian team game is not stopped and the time does not stop. The doctor, a massage therapist, administrator and driver are on the field and play for our team.

15. At any time, the Russian team can substitute judge for the player of the Russian team.

16. After the break the losing team can delete ("cut down" or simply send a beer) any three players from the opposing team.

17. If a foreign player has hit the ball, and the Russian team did not score, the Russian team has the right to take "for Fook" this player.

18. Rod - always in favor of the Russian team.

19. Terms of breaking penalty kick.
The player who will strike, he sets the ball to the eight-meter mark. Before the strike the goalkeeper has the right to get out of the gate and reset the ball on the twelve-mark.
Appointment penalty against the Russian team, as well as all the free kick only after consultation with the coach of the Russian team, with his written consent.

20. To show the joy you can (and should!), Not only in the case of goals in the wrong gate, but if all goes well the PACE, hit the ball, it is appropriate joke, gestures to the opponent, the opponent's injury. At the same time our players are allowed to splash champagne as in training.

21. The match is stopped as soon as our team led the score.

22. For each match, our players receive a bonus from the opposing team.


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