How to determine the child's talents (practical tips).

Every parent believes that their child is the most talented and most intelligent. Already at an early age parents begin to worry about what a child will do when he grows up. The child's ability to identify is not difficult, the main focus.
To determine the talents of the child, it must be tested. Talent for drawing can be determined by simple tests. On a single sheet of paper to draw good character, the other evil and comment on these pictures. After asking the child to paint these pictures, and on how they painted it becomes clear whether the baby emotional sensitivity to color, whether it can with paint to convey their emotional mood.

Compositional abilities can be determined by the child is paints a blank sheet of paper. If the child draws a picture is too large or too small on the contrary, the compositional abilities he is not very well developed. All the space to be occupied by the paper pattern, and uniformly, it would indicate that the child has a composite gift.

In order to determine the child's talents, it should be taken more closely, but in this case it can be seen that most attracted him. If it seems that the child developed versatile and it is impossible to identify their own abilities, you can consult a psychologist.

Specialists have a special test for IQ. By testing can determine which child talent most inclined.

Psychologists believe that if the baby can speak convincingly, clearly explains and come up with stories, he has a linguistic genius.

The kid can easily remember the melody from the first time, be sensitive to music and even to compose himself - in such cases it has musical talent.

If a child is interested in the device world and at the same time to think clearly and consistently, he has the propensity to mathematics and logic.

It is important to see the child a certain Talan and try to develop it as much as possible.


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