Bad habits for your skin

1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum, as advocated advertising, restores the acid-alkaline balance, freshens breath after a hearty lunch. And, as defined by British scientists, the process of chewing bubble-gum favorite stimulates mental activity.

However, European Plastic Surgery sounded the alarm: they believe that it is notorious chewing gum promotes the appearance of premature facial wrinkles around the mouth.
Plastic surgeon Hema Sundaram of aesthetic medicine clinic in Washington says that the constant chewing reduces the muscle tone of the lower face, resulting in the skin around the mouth loses its elasticity and wrinkles. Her words were confirmed by Megan Moore, cosmetologist Medical Center in New York. However, no such statement is not scientifically proven yet.

Output: if you still believe the luminaries of European medicine, the output can be found only one - instead of refreshing the cud suck lollipops.

2. Hold the phone in person

Many of us do not like to keep a mobile phone in a special case. And when he is deep in a bag or in a pocket of jeans is like a magnet, attracts all the dirt and dust. In addition, there are horny skin cells and sebum - a favorite food of harmful microorganisms.

Scientists from the University of Washington have estimated that mobile phones a day accumulate more bacteria than on our hands. Experts warn that bacteria are feasting and build a colony on the dirty phone readily capture the surrounding areas - for example, skin or ear. Obzhivaya on the new "islands", eating some local goods, harmful microorganisms can cause quite a serious disease - such as eczema, acne, inflammation of the external ear.

Exit: to avoid these dirty insinuations, regularly wipe the phone with antibacterial wipes. Or do buy cover.

3. Drink through a straw

Like to drink through a straw, as well as smokers, provide an excellent opportunity for the emergence of early wrinkles.
"The fact is that when a person is constantly doing his lips, tense muscles of the mouth, they are compressed, and eventually there are so-called purse string wrinkles. As women age the skin's elasticity is reduced, and if it is constantly smokes or drinks through a straw, which appeared skin folds (grooves) are smoothed and worse quickly turns into a mature wrinkles "- govoritAngelina Korenyugin, beauty salon Cut and Color.

Yield: Of course, you need to quit smoking, this habit is not only promotes premature aging of the skin, but also harmful to health as a whole. And to drink through a straw is better as little as possible.

4. Take a hot bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower after a busy day. Unfortunately, this heat can badly affect the health of the skin of the body.
"Our skin has a water-lipid mantle. Highlighting the sebum, it protects it from dryness, moisturizes, provides a barrier against harmful environmental factors and pathogenic bacteria entering. Hot water destroys the water-lipid mantle, and if you take a hot shower every day, it just does not have time to recover, allocate enough lipids. As a result, after continuous use of hot tubs you can get not only dry dehydrated skin, but also eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, "- says Angelina.

In addition, hot water leads to dilation of blood vessels, the walls of which weaken with age, as a result can be broken blood microcirculation, tread redness, capillary network.

Yield: water temperature should not exceed 37-40 degrees. If you have a weak vascular wall, finish the water treatment technique a cold shower, it will restore the balance and not give an opportunity to show the capillary network.


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