Actress Anne Hathaway boyfriend arranged a "farewell tour" in front of the paparazzi

Actress Anne Hathaway boyfriend arranged
"Farewell tour" in front of the paparazzi

Beauty actress Anne Hathaway seems evil eye happiness. Only recently the star of the film "The Devil Wears Prada» told reporters about his desire to marry her beloved, and be with him until his death. But now Anne had to part with a favorite for reasons of their own career ...
Just recently, Anne Hathaway gave a smile and radiates charm. But who knows how much effort it cost her. At the weekend the actress and her boyfriend businessman Raffaello Follieri decided to leave. Specifically, the initiative has shown herself Anne. The star can not afford to meet with a guy who has serious problems with the law.
The couple met for more than three years and is currently producing the most favorable feeling on others - they seemed to love as much as possible ... Just look at these photos.
How to assure the American press, the gap was due to the fact that the reputation of Raffaello Follieri repeatedly questioned - he deals buildings very expensive plots of land, which is closely linked to the Vatican and he had some trouble with the law a few months ago.
Last year Follieri was sued for several million dollars from a former business partner. Earlier this year, Raffaello was arrested on charges of forgery of a check.
Earlier this week, in respect of the charity fund vaccination of children from Third World countries, and created Follieri director is Hathaway, the main criminal case Attorney of New York.
Media say that Anne just scared that the reputation boyfriend hurt her career.
According to friends, Anne felt terrible but had to break off relations with the favorite because of its problems may not be the best way impact on her career.
"Anne's heart broken, she was in despair, but she had no choice. Raffaello scandals can ruin her reputation, "- said a source from the inner circle of the actress.
Ann Raffaello gap may lead to the fact that the actress finally move to Hollywood.
For several years she lived with her lover on the East Coast.
Friends hope that the move positively affect Hathaway - she will lead new acquaintances and will be able to forget Follieri.


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