Why does my computer better than men (10 points)


1) Computer viruses are not transmitted to humans.
2) PC does not mind if he is offered to use a floppy disk write-protected, and does not say that it reduces the sensitivity of the head drive
3) PC never makes empty promises - all of its features are described in the instructions.
4) In order for a PC could not work the other women, quite password protect it.
5) Do not spoil the character of the PC, if you leave it a few days without food.
6) To your PC looked well-kept, once a week is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.
7) PC quickly perform any of your task - he would never say: "I'm tired, let me do it tomorrow»
8) If you earn money with your PC, it will not claim that all the most important work he has carried out and, therefore, it is urgently necessary to buy a new monitor models, which now is at all self-respecting PC.
9) Those who gathered PC, not telling him that you are not worthy of it. Sometimes the manufacturer is even willing to admit that you sold low-quality PC, and replace with a new er.
10) If your PC Tired, it can be switched off, but if you want even put in a box and take away on the mezzanine. And do it you are not going anywhere.


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