8 people with the most unusual deviations.

1. A man who does not feel the cold
To David Blaine is very far from Dutchman Wim Hof, who does not feel the cold. With all that his body does not suffer from the cold, even in the most extreme conditions. Well, for example, he did not just conquer the mountain tops in shorts, or lay on the ice for a long time. After the tests performed by physicians, it became clear that no changes his body is not exposed. He seemed to be insensitive to cold. Scientists can not explain it, but Wim Hof ​​and more surprises people, normal feeling in conditions that any other man would have been fatal.

2. A boy who does not sleep
Rhett Lamb, a 3-year old boy, does not seem to be different from their peers. In addition, he does not sleep, he just can not sleep. Boy is active 24 hours a day, and no medical test failed to reveal any abnormalities in his deep organizme.Tolko medical research that doctors had recently clarified the situation. The fact that the boy's special structure of the nervous system, as well as some of the specific properties of the brain, which act in such a way that can not simply Rhett sleep. Doctors, however, this is not surprising, but the fact that there are no consequences for health. In principle, we can only rejoice.

3. The Girl with allergy to water
Ashley Morris, a girl from Australia, suffers from a rare, if not unique deviation - she's allergic ... on the water! Imagine, she suffers even when sweating, not to mention bathing. I do not know what makes Ashley to stay clean, but this is clearly a very complicate her life. Doctors say that Morris is extremely rare disease, which is called Aquagenic Urticaria.

4. A girl who can only eat Tic Tac
No, with her head all right, and she eats these pills against their will. Simply, it can no longer eat anything. For some inexplicable reason, Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old girl can only eat Tic Tac-ohm, it only takes her stomach. Everything else is causing suffering and, almost immediately rejected by the body. Doctors found another way - to feed her through a tube specific nutrient concentrate.

5. The musician, who constantly hiccups
Chris Sands for 24 years, and all these years he never stopped, hiccups. He hiccups every two seconds, even when sleeping. He held a variety of courses, including yoga and hypnosis, but nothing helps. He believes that the hiccups caused by disruption of the valve in the stomach, but doctors are lost in the reasons for such deviation, and are currently conducting in-depth analysis of the body of Chris.

6. Women who are allergic to hi-tech
This is a joke well, Debbie Byrd pronounced allergic to electromagnetic fields. Mobile phone, microwave - all this makes Debbie terrible allergies and even pain. In her home there is nothing to radiated electromagnetic field - otherwise, for her it was not a house and a torture chamber. Of course, she can not live in the city, just outside of it. An ideal place for Debbie - the area where there is no electricity, there it feels great.

7. The girl who faints when laughing
She loses consciousness, not only when laughing, but when angry, frightened, surprised. To all this is added yet and narcolepsy, a disease which manifests itself in an unexpected dream. At any time, anywhere Kay Underwood can sleep. From narcolepsy affects about 30,000 people in the UK alone.

8. A woman who forgets nothing
People like her are sometimes found, but the ability of the 40-year-old woman is truly impressive. Even if to ask what had happened to her, for example, in April 1978, a woman will tell all in such detail, like everything that happened five minutes ago. She remembers that read, remember all the talk, all the events. She remembers everything.


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