Carefully, tough! (from Nepridumannoe)

Alvaro. Age 21
In 2000, there was a big fire in Seaton Hall University. He was one of the students who suffered in it

New Year's Eve 2005, he had an accident with your friends. The car burst into flames. When he got out of the burning car, he hurt his hands and head.

Jelani. Age 21
At age 12, there was a fire at home, fired up the carpet near the fireplace. Burns were obtained in the fight against fire

The fire took her mom and sister. Fire and smoke, and nearly took her life. The father was at that time at work

Shayla. Age 14
She was five years old when my brother jokingly threw a cigarette lighter in her bed. She lost some limbs and the ability to have children. Now the girl is the leader in the class and wants to become a stylist.


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