America at a Glance

During his life the average dollar bill passes through the hands of 10, 000 different people.

Every day in Washington D.C. neckties worn by 164 million dollars. Terms of most companies and corporations in Washington and New York do not allow to appear on the work without a tie, even if the street is the heat, which is in New York, during certain months can reach 35 degrees.

Perhaps it is including this explains the fact that one in three Americans is late for work at all, taken at random, morning.

According to a recent survey, only one out of seven Americans lead a healthy lifestyle that involves eating fruits and vegetables and exercise. One in five Americans could not name even one "national" vegetable, but all remembered the hot dogs, hamburgers and fried turkey.

Fun fact: 15 percent of the US population will visit the barber shop only once this year.

According to the US Census Bureau, 1, 6, 7 million people, 3 million New Yorkers over 5 years recognized that do not speak in English. And this is - 22 percent of the population of the city. In the largest immigrant community in New York, Spanish Harlem, more than half of residents believe what they say in the official language of the USA is bad. From 360 thousand living in New York, 128 thousand Chinese people speak English.

When you're in the "Disneyland", visit attraction «It's a Small World» and compassion for people who are working on it: according to statistics, among the operators of this attraction is the highest suicide rate in comparison with the representatives of any other profession.

Incidentally, with regard to tourism, the recent studies have shown that tourists consider the United States the most unfriendly country. Such an opinion was formed mainly due to the coarseness of immigration officials and too long visa processing Two-thirds of travelers are constantly afraid of being arrested on arrival due to minor errors in the documents or inappropriately spoken word.

According to the security forces, President George W. Bush received more threats to his life than all previous presidents combined.

Strange but true: 82 percent of Americans who are held outside the United States at least a month for the past 4 years, voted for someone else.

In Washington DC the ratio of rats to people as 3 to 1. This is higher than any other American city.


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