In Munich, officially unveiled the new BMW 7-series

So - it happened! The fifth generation of "Seven» BMW was officially presented in Munich. To say on the matter, and there is even a negative "degrees" which touched the course design trends - total horror.

Of course, expectations are not met - waiting for better. Considering a couple of months ago, a couple of spy shots in the head has passed little thoughts that present the creation of BMW is not able to get up to that plank, where you can equally compete with rivals in the face of the same Koenig flagship Mercedes S-Class in the 221st "wrapper". Sorry.

New 7th BMW model as compared to the "past" significant added in length and reached the milestone of 5, 07 meters. In turn, the height - have become lost and 1, 48 meters, well, the wheelbase increased by eight centimeters and to determine 3, 07 meters. Despite this, and due to the use in the construction of new items of good amount of aluminum (doors, roof, hood and many others), the master of BMW managed to bring "Seven" to the maximum threshold weight of 1, 9 tons, which is a couple of kilograms less than that of its predecessor - a great plus .

However, in spite of the poor and a convex design, there are also a couple of innovative highlights that you can and show off all the "hundred" - for example, a completely new palette of powertrains, which is represented by the diesel 730d R6-unit capacity in 245 hp and two petrol - 740i R6 bi-turbo power of 326 horses and tops - 750i V8 bi-turbo unit with a capacity of 406 horses. As standard, all engines are equipped with six-speed automatic, which is a new "firmware" and upgraded switching system. In the field of dynamics, BMW took the master course of "knight" - equipped novelty "steering" of the rear axle, which in combination with the front system and active steering saps drive under the most optimal variants. To all add more and managed in three modes of electron-smart dampers and smarter system ESP.

Interior - on the godly, although in previous lines.

You can even say - everything in a new way. In addition to the novelty of total safety and freshness in design, the interior was completely packed with all kinds of auxiliary systems and assistants. In the center - a large navigation display, shift speeds returned to its original location in the center console, and the iDrive control system has a freely programmable keys of your choice with a direct challenge to a particular function. As for a couple of "assistants", they were presented controlled lane change, adaptive cruise control, brake assist function «Stop Go», night vision and multifunction climat. In addition - to the board there is unlimited access to the Internet and various multimedia solutions with TV and music school.

Prices are as follows: In Germany, the new 7th BMW will appear at dealers in the fall at a starting price of 69,500 euros for the version of the 730d, between 75 and 500 euros for the 740i and 90 000 euros for the 750i. For the 740Li and 750Li versions from 90 000 euros.


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